Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Back on the blogging scene...

Yes, thats right. I am officially BACK.
I haven't really managed to do any proper blogging in a while. You know when life gets manic & your creative juices have run dry & you have a serious lack of motivation? Yeh, that's exactly what happened.

So far this morning, I have mostly been sitting at my desk trying to stretch my brain. Recently my mind has completely put on the brakes, & I’m searching for something to inspire myself. I need my spark back!
Perhaps this is the reason I have been so absent on my little space on the internet.
It’s a shame because at one point I was really getting a lot of enjoyment from blogging & I’m not sure where that went...


I have to admit I am a little apprehensive about blogging again, so, I’ve decided to
Just start! It’s true! All the thinking & planning in the world can't make my project happen. I need to sit down at my desk & just write.  

So I’m shaking things up on a Little Beauty Spot. I 'll be posting anything & everything that genuinely makes me feel passionate and the things I enjoy in life... beauty and tutorials, baking and recipes, reading and book reviews, art and photography. Expect to be reading and seeing a lot more of me here on my blog.

So, lets go!

Step one will be a complete blog make-over, commencing this evening. I'm not quite sure how this will work out, as you can tell I'm not exactly a wizz kid when it comes to this technical stuff... eeek!


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