Sunday, 29 May 2011

Korres Guava Body Butter new obsession!

Hey beauties, happy bank holiday!
Hope you've all been getting som r&r in. I just wanted to tell you about my new and now ALL TIME FAV body moisturizer.

Korres Natural Products Guava Body Butter.

I was given this product a few days ago and I am literally obsessed with it. I've been slathering it on religiously after both my morning and evening showers. It's become the part of my daily routine that I look forward to the most. I'm actually so obsessed with it that I've been carrying it around in my handbag for top-ups throughout the day... I realise that may be a little OTT for some of you beauties, but I just love it so much!

Korres body butter is really thick and creamy, but it sinks into your skin quickly and doesn't feel heavy or greasey in any way. The texture is super-duper soft and will leave your skin feeling heavanly :)

My favourite part of the productis the summery smell. It's like a cross between coconuts and suncream. It reminds me of lazy Greek holidays with my mum, and falling asleep in the sunshine. It's actually funny that it reminds me of Greece, because the product is made in Athens! I just knew it had a Greek smell about it, yummy!

What's really great too, is that all the ingredients are natural, mostly just fruit and seed extracts, non of this rubbish we unknowingly rub onto our skin in other products.

I'm not too sure if you can buy this product in shops, but you can get it from their website, around £14 for 150mls. Here's the link:

Try it out, it will definetly be a regular of mine Xx

Friday, 20 May 2011

Miss-matching nails, Clip-in Winges and Tools of the Trade...

Hey beauties, hope your all fine and dandy :)

So sorry for the lack of posts this last week or so. I've been working ridiculous hours in the sweat shop and organising boring grown up things like bills, shopping for furniture, and finding someone to rent my spare room. 
Another reason why I haven't written, lack of dollar to buy new products! 
I've come to the conclusion that there are lots of things about being a grown up that are silly, stressful and just generally suck. Bills are a big part of that.

Anyway, amongst my week of maniacally trying to sort these things out, I've managed to have a couple of nights out drinking, discovered a cool humus bar, and had a couple of nice cosy dvd nights in. My neighbour's children have become totally obsessed with my pooch, Liza. It's the cutest thing. 

Isla and Liza Xx

I've also started project garden... project obviously meaning it's a work in progress.... can't wait to have loads of flowers, a veggie patch and a nice set of table and chairs. It'll be perfect for summer.

I'm going for the 'country cottage' look

Down to beauty. My latest obsession is mis-matching nails. I saw it in a magazine and LOVE it. Fab for when I can't decide which colour to go for. 
Today I went for fruity coral and lemon colours... (Orange Bliss by Rimmel, and Sherbet Lemon by 17)

Also loving red (Pillar box by no. 7) and brown (Mushroom by Barry M)  together :)

Try it out beauties, don't be colour shy!

This week I discovered a new non-committal way to sport a fringe this summer. A winge. Yes, it's true, a cross between a wig and a fringe, that simply clips in! £30 from Hersheson's, it's the perfect way to welcome back the fringe minus the commitment of constant trimming and that awkward growing out stage. The perfect relationship. 

Anyhooozle....Here is my essential beauty tool kit for you beauties who don't know your nail clippers from your cuticle nippers! You'll be an expert before you know it!

1. Tweezers- keep those brows in check and remember only pluck from below the brow.

2. Eyelash curlers- if curling mascaras don't work for you, invest in these babies! Curl near the root for a few seconds. Make sure you count so each side is done evenly.

3. lip brush- if you're a big lipstick fan like moi, a lip-brush is essential to give your lips more definition and get a really precise line. 

4. Eye-brow brush- the perfect way to smooth those brows into shape.

5. Wide tooth comb- when your hair is wet, always use a wide-tooth comb instead of a normal brush (this will cause breakage).

6. Paddle brush- this will glide through long hair without causing too much breakage.

7. Velcro hair rollers- a cheap treat and the easiest way to get smexy volume. Wind them into dry hair, all the way to the root, and leave to set whilst you apply your make-up. Blast your hair-dryer all over, remove the rollers and then comb through with your fingers :) 

Sorry for the squeezage of a lot of babble into one post beauties, figured I had a few days to catch up on!
Tata for now. Xx

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tuesday's random ramble...

Good evening beauties, hope you've had fab days, nearly midweek now, yay!
Firstly I would like to say my thoughts go out to Kelly Brook, who very sadly lost her baby today, poor girl.
So I'm sat next to this guy on the underground who is breathing super loudly and has a whistling nose. Its. Driving. Me. Insane.
I'm trying to keep busy so I don't punch him in the face. I seriously hope he gets off soon cos I'm wedged in and can't even move to escape him.
I'm currently on the look out for a new lipstick. My current Estee Lauder lippy somehow snapped in my bag, which is very upsetting cos it was new, sob. As much as I love it, I feel it might be time for a change... Any suggestions welcome :) ill let you know when I find one I like. I'm thinking maybe an Illamasqua one... 
I know most of you will already know about this, but I just thought I'd mention quickly that macs new beach girl range is super fun!
Although I have to admit I'm liking mac less and less.... I just can't get on with their products at the moment, and finding other products at the same price better quality. The cute starfish and bronzey shades are luring me in though!
Also lately I've abandoned applying mascara to my bottom lashes. I really love the look of barely there eyes and bright red lips. There's something about this weather that makes me want to look like I've tried less. Haha. A slick of red lipstick or gloss picks up your make-up mood and brightens your face in one easy step. Even when I'm feeling rubbish, red always makes everything better :)
Anyway beauties, those are my thoughts for the evening, sorry about the randomness, more reviews asap, watch this space. Tata Xx

Monday, 9 May 2011


Hey beauties, how were your Mondays? I'm not a fan to be honest, but with Monday out of the way we are one day closer to the weekend, and that can't be a bad thing...hurrah!! 
I love Sunday's...last night I discovered a new-found love for milky way milkshakes (UH-MA-ZING!!) whilst watching some 90s filmage... "Honey I shrunk the kids" and "Ace Ventura". They just don't make films like they used to! I'm obsessed with trips to Blockbusters at the moment too, retro. Basically, I wish it was the 90s still.

Good films plus good milkshake = perfect combo!

Anyhoo... this weekend I have been trying out the new tinted moisturiser by Clinique, moisture surge, its meant to be a summer alternative to foundation. I've been seeing it advertised everywhere, and as I have been branching out and actually experimenting with new foundations lately, I thought it was time to give in and give it a wurl. 

So, I tried it in shade 3 which I think was a little to dark for my skin tone, not my fault, I blame the lady on Clinique... plus I've been super lazy with my fake tan recently. So I kind of had an orange face and a white neck, like something off TOWIE, not the best look ill admit. So, here's a snap of it on...

 I don't think you can really tell what it's like in the photo because the lighting isn't great, sorry about that beauties! 
Other than that, I have to admit I quite liked it. I know with a moisturiser your supposed to rub it in, but I decided I would apply it with a sponge, like a foundation. 
Moisture surge was much heavier than I originally thought it was going to be. I've tried tinted moisturisers before and really not gotten on with them, because they were too light and literally didn't cover anything. I would say this was different, it was more light foundation than tinted moisturiser. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not... 
It seemed quite heavy on my skin, but it blended well and gave a nice overall glowing look. The kind of dewy look I love and always go for as opposed to the matt effect. 
The only thing was it wasn't great at covering blemishes, even after I applied a good concealer. After moisture surge had settled though, I was quite pleased with the overall look, kind of like I wasn't wearing make-up, going for the 'nearly nude' look. Superb for beach beauties and any of you going on your hols, especially if your not skin-confident enough to go without.
Although I wouldn't personally buy it myself (I like a lot of coverage as I often suffer from blemishes), I would definitely say try it if you have clear skin, £30 to spare, and want to switch to something a little lighter than your normal base. 
Right I must be off for now beauties, busy evening ahead... xX

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Draw the line...

Happy Sunday beauties! 
This is a post for any of you gorgeous girls who hit the town last night and had eye-liner troubles... 
If you're anything like me you'll find your eye-liner just simply refusing to cooperate and stay put on a night out.
I simply cannot find an eye-liner that doesn't make my eyes water, it seems to be an ongoing quest for me. Maybe I'm just not meant to have defined eyes... or maybe it’s because I don't wear it very often, I just never seem to get on with any brand.
Anyway, I've found a neat little trick to stop it from smudging before a big night, just thought I'd share it with you beauties.
Before you apply your eye-liner, rub a tiny blob of Vaseline by the outer corners of your eyes and a little under your lashes. This will stop any smudging and weeping. Leave it there until the last minute before you go out then simply wipe it off with a tissue and touch up your make up. 
No more weapy eye... Yay! 
And voilĂ ! Hope you ladies have a lovely rest of the weekend...
I’m dog-sitting the crazy one today... muddy dog walks here I come!!
Old lady Liza and  my hairy nephew Elvis

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What a Weekend! oh and mineral foundation - LN girls!

Hey beauties! Long time... sorry about that. I've had a really jam-packed weekend to say the least...
V&A museum, Brick Lane thift shopping, drinks, Royal wedding street party (more drinks), Oxford street, Camden Crawl (yet more drinks), Mahikis, blockbuster visits, dog-walking with the neighbours little kids, and throw in a barbeque with the neighbours and tea with my big sis too! Few. To be honest dolls, I'm still recovering! 

 Here are a couple of snaps from the weekend...

Cute little vintage shop in Brick Lane.

I look special here. The owner of the diner tried to tie my headscarf for me... (£3 from Absolute Vintage, bargs!)

Cute little Will&Kate wedding day biscuits made my the kids across my street

Now, down to business. Mineral foundation. I was very kindly sent a 'LN Girls' mineral foundation along with some other of their products to try.

 I have to admit I wasn't too keen about trying it, I'm stupidly picky with foundation (anything less than Chanel and I'm not a happy bunny), and I had never heard of this brand before but it really surprised me, so I thought I'd share it with you beauties. 

I usually like a fair bit of coverage from a foundation, which I really wasn't expecting this to do, because it's in powder from. So, I decided to try it out on a day when I wouldn't be seeing anyone... haha. 
I loaded it onto a brush, blew the excess and then just started sweeping across my face. It was quite difficult to get an even look, but I think this just takes practise. After about 10 minutes after application, it evened out.
I thought it looked quite dry and 'cakey' for the first couple of hours, but as the day went on it actually really impressed me. 
It actually looked like a normal foundation, not a powder, and gave me the same coverage as my normal foundation. It stayed put too, lasting a good 10 hours or so. 
The only bad thing I have to say about this product is that it made my skin feel a little dry throughout the day, it didn't look dry, just felt it. I am used to a proper moisture surge!

So, why choose a mineral foundation I hear you cry? 
Well, for a start mineral foundations are organic. that means no dyes, talcs, fillers, chemical preservatives, animal by-products, synthetic fragrances that you may find in other make up products. Mineral products are made from gentle ingredients that wont damage your skin, cause infection or irritation.

Loose mineral foundation is the purest form of foundation available and is appropriate for every skin type, including those with very oily or sensitive skin
It works by refracting light which minimizes the appearance of discolourations and imperfections.

So, if any of you beauties with a lower budget are looking for a new foundation, I would definitely recommend you try Ln Girls mineral foundation, it £11.73 you can't go wrong. The link below will take you to the site.

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Tata for now, and Cherish your skin! Xx