Saturday, 27 July 2013

Week 15 Pregnancy Update...

Hey guys, sorry this post is late this week, I've had a particularly hard week hormone wise and just haven't felt up to blogging or vlogging.

 How far along? 
15 weeks and 6 days (When this photo was taken. I'm now 16 weeks and 4 days)

Total weight gain? 
I still haven't weighed myself, I'm so bad. I really need to buy some scales! Also forgot my measurements this week, oops!

Maternity clothes? 
I've managed to get away with none so far, but now I only have one skirt that fits me (which tends to burst open after I eat), I think this is the week I'll have to buy a couple of bits. 
I have however been very kindly sent a maternity dress from Little Black Dress, so that'll be making an appearance when I have more of a bump to show off!

Stretch marks? 
Nothing yet, I'm about to run out of Mum & Me, I'll be switching to Mama Mio after that, I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Sleep is great at the moment, no complaints. I'm going through another exhaustion spell, so sleep is super easy for me right now! 
So I'm far less worried about catching myself  on my back now after a few of you have told me it's not so bad until I'm bigger.

Best moment this week? 
This probably shouldn't be my best moment, but I'm not going to lie, I let myself have a glass of wine last Saturday and it felt SO good. I finally feel a little more relaxed in my pregnancy, so I didn't feel a huge pang of guilt after my one glass.

Oh and baby wise, I'm sure the little flutters are getting much stronger!

Miss anything?
Being able to go running and play tennis this summer.

At 15 weeks and one day baby Michalak had a good couple of hours wiggling around in the morning while I was sat at my desk! As I mensioned before, when I do feel movement, it seems to be getting stronger.

Food cravings?
Still rice crispies. And a big one this week has been birthday cake, you know the kind with sponge and jam and proper marzipan icing?! I also ate a LOT of Coco Pops. 

Anything making you feel queezy or sick?
Still asparagus. Eugh.

We'll find out in 4 weeks :) the last 3 weeks has gone so quickly so hopefully the time will fly by because as you all know, I'm desperate to find out. I think we are going to keep it our little secret though.

Ooooh there's a lovely long list this week!

-Emotional, I've been feeling really down again this week, and very withdrawn. 
-Headaches at the beginning of the week.
-My boobs feel SO heavy and are really veiny. They've been veiny for a few weeks but I forgot to mention (TMI). This sounds weird but when I have a shower it really hurts my nipples!
-Having another little acney break out this week.
-I've also had what feels like a pulled muscle in my calf, I read this is due to hormones again.
-At 15weeks and 5 days I've started getting some ligament stretching pains
-Still mood swings.

Belly button in or out?
Still in, but very close to the top of my tummy.

Happy or moody most of the time?
I seem to be happy at the beginning of the weeks and then really, really down.
Happy apart from when I get over-tired, then I am a needy emotional nightmare. I'll admit that.

Looking forward to? 
We just did our first round of baby shopping, some gorgeous little things from The Little White Company are on the way to us.
So, I am beyond excited for the package to arrive, I'm going to film opening it and show you guys the cute things we got.
It's all unisex, which I said I wasn't going to do as I wanted to know the sex before we started shopping, but that still seems so far away and I can no longer contain myself, I MUST shop! 

Sunday, 21 July 2013

YouTube Week 14 Pregnancy Update

Hey ladies, I hope you've all had  a smashing weekend so far? Mines been spent relaxing on a sun-bed with the hubby, perfect! 

Anyway, I just realised I hadn't posted my latest video on my blog for you guys, so if you missed it over on my youtube channel, here it is for you :) Everything from week 14 of being preggo, I'm one emotional little lady haha
Also, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who watched my last video, I can't believe it has over 10,000 views now, that's INSANE! Thank you so much for all the comments and private messages you've sent me too, I love you guys :) 

I just filmed a new video today, and I'm thinking of uploading a weekly beauty video too, I haven't made one of those in aaaages! 
I hope you enjoy the watch, I'm off to raid the cupboard for more Rice Crispies, I seriously can't get enough :)

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Week 14 Pregnancy Update

How far along? 
14 weeks, 6 days, I can't believe it's the end of week 14 already!

Total weight gain? 
I'm rubbish at this, I still don't know! My midwife really upset me last time I saw her so I didn't bother asking her and I don't ever weigh myself.
This weeks measurements are:
Bump at widest part 29 inches
Hips 31 inches
Waist 27 inches

So, I've lost an inch on the bump (probably morning sickness or being less bloated), and gained an inch on my waist, hips have stayed the same. 

Maternity clothes? 
Not yet, luckily it's summery over in London at the moment, so I've ditched the jean shopping and I'm sticking to anything light and floaty.
The bump doesn't really feel like it's getting bigger yet to me so I'm holding off for a while.

Stretch marks? 
Nothing yet. I've been using the Mum & Me Bump butter, which I really like. It's actually the only one I like the smell of so far.
I've been sent the Mama Mio Tummy rub oil and some goodies from the NSPA to try, so I'll be reviewing them when I've used them for a while  for anyone who is interested.

Sleep has been a million times better this week, I'd even go as far as saying I've been a bloody good sleeper!

Best moment this week? 
My Mother-in-law came to visit and has knitted baby Michalak some rather cute little bits.

Miss anything?
I really, really really miss being able to go on a little bar crawl with my hubby, or just have a couple of bottles of wine together on a picnic :( I miss being drunkards together!
I also really miss my normal apatite.

The same little flutterings I mensioned in my last video.

Food cravings?
Rice Crispies, I'm addicted. I can't get enough of the things. I think this baby is going to come out looking like a box of rice crispies!
Lot's of sweet things, chocolate. oh and still chips.

Anything making you feel queezy or sick?
The smell of bins, cooked pepper, salmon.

we don't know for 5 more weeks :( I still think it's a boy though. 

Morning sickness is back :( randomly it seems to be on Mondays. This week has been pretty bad as far as morning sickness goes actually. yesterday I was sick in the street on the way to work, and then in the bin at my desk too :( 
Headaches have been better this week.
I've also felt tired again, nowhere near as exhausted as before though!
Emotions have been fairly good until the last couple of days when I've felt really quiet and tearful. 

Belly button in or out?

Happy or moody most of the time?
As I said before, I'm very emotional,  so a little bit of everything. My poor husband doesn't know who he's going to wake up to every day!

Looking forward to? 
I'm literally counting down the weeks until out next scan where we find out the sex!
And I just reallywant a proper bump now, I'm so impatient!

I've just filmed the week 14 video too, so that'll be up for you guys in the next couple of days. 

Friday, 12 July 2013

Youtube Week 13 pregnancy update & a spot of maternity shopping


Hey there, I'm so sorry this video update is late over here on my blog! 

Anyway, week 13 mainly involved feeling angry, eating copious amounts of Rice Crispies, and a little browse of the maternity section in Topshop. I hope you enjoy my ramblings... 

If you'd like to subscribe so you don't miss any preggo updates, you can do that here
For those of you who have asked, I'll start some 'bump' shots in next weeks video, promise! I just don't have very much to show at the moment hehe

I hope you like the video, and thank you so much for watching :) 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Magic Liner

Hey there ladies, a beauty post for you today :)

Seeing as my usual 'go-to' black eyeliner (MAC Blacktrack gel eyeliner incase anyone is interested) had almost totally ran out, I decided to opt for something a little cheaper and simpilar this time around. 
Although I can't fault Blacktrack at all, I felt like I wanted to use something a little quicker than gel liner and a brush in the mornings before work. 

Magic Liner is absolutely perfect for this. When it comes to eyeliner, this is fool proof I tell you!!
It's basically a felt tip pen, what could be easier for application? It literally takes about 30 seconds and you're good to go! 
It gives a lovely clear precise line, and stays put too. I would say the line looks very much like something created by a liquid liner, very neat and dark. It's also great for winged eyeliner, if you happen to be a fan. 

The best part is the price, they're only £6.50, I know that's the cheapest eyeliner I've fallen in love with for a while!

Have you tried Topshop Magic Liner or any of their other make-up? What did you think? 

P.S My trousers are from Zara if anyone is wondering, they are so comfy I feel like I'm wearing PJs! 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Week 13 Pregnancy Update

(Excuse the knickers :/ Oh, and I got one of those terrible 'baby on board' badges, haha)

Before I start my weekly update, I need to say something...
I know I'm still very early on in my pregnancy, but the further along I get, the more amount of respect I have for anyone who is pregnant and every mother out there.
It's a bloody tough job growing a human, and I nowhere near enough credit is given to mums and mummies to be!

How far along? 
end of week 13

Total weight gain? 
I'm not sure yet but I actually just bought a tape measure as I want to start measuring my hips and around my actual bump too (or lack there of) each week. I'm not really sure what I measured before as I've never been into keeping tabs on my weight or measurements, but my jeans are all usually 25 or 26 inch waist.

Bump at widest part: 30 inches 
Hips: 31 inches
Waist: still 26 inches

I know I've grown as my jeans don't button up anymore (currently using the old hair band trick), also the uniform in my office that we had tailored to fit before I went to Las Vegas, definitely wont zip up anymore. I'm currently wearing all my dresses and skirts unzipped too...
I don't look much different to anyone who doesn't know me or my body shape that well. I just feel like everyone should realize I'm pregnant and it should be obvious now haha Anyone else feel like that?

Maternity clothes? 
Not yet, I'm holding off for most things until I get a proper bump, but I desperately need a pair of maternity jeans, mine are bursting open right now!

Stretch marks? 
Nothing yet, I've just bought the Mama Bee's body oil, I don't love it, but I do like it much more than the Bio Oil, I'll pop up a review soon if anyone is interested.
I also bought the Mum and Me bump stretch mark cream, I think I'm just going to end up trying loads!

At the beginning of the week my sleep was really bad, I just couldn't get comfortable as I'm really trying to get used to not sleeping on my back. It's very frustrating, it's getting better though. I'm treating myself to 10 minutes on my back in the morning when hit 'snooze'. I am getting more used to it now though. I also have to get up to go to the bathroom about 5 or 6 times a night, so sleep isn't great. 

Best moment this week? 
There have a been a few!

1) First of all, seeing the baby again at our anomaly scan. It was a 40 minute scan and very detailed as they had to check for lots of things.
I'm not sure why but I always get so nervous before a scan, it puts my mind at ease to see mini-Michalak just having a wiggle in there. We wont see him now for another 7 weeks :(

2) Feeling those first little 'flutters'. More on that later...

3) Having So many lovely comments, tweets and messages about the baby was amazing. I am so overwhelmed how supportive the blogging and youtube community is! I've met so many lovely pregnant bloggers already. So I just wanted to say thank you guys, you've made me slightly less terrified of the whole thing :)

4) I also read both of these blog posts over the week, which made me kinda emotional, but laugh at the same time! I think they'd be really helpful to other first time preggos out there!

5) And finally, another emotional one, it's been really nice to connect with a few old friends. It's amazing when you have such big news like this, people you haven't spoke to for a long time get in touch to congratulate you and you end up re-kindling old friendships, which is a really great feeling.

Miss anything?
Still alcohol (I sound like an addict) although I am getting more and more used to not having it. Normal amounts of energy, oh and not being hormonal all the time!

The day of 13 weeks and the day after I started feeling those little flutters so many people talk about. Lots of people think it's just wind and it's too early but it doesn't feel anything like wind. I asked my sonographer if it was the baby I could feel and she said yes, because I am so slim it probably is!

If I had to describe it, I would say its like having a little mouse digging inside me against my tummy. Although I'm very aware that makes me sound like a complete loony. Other people compare it to butterflies.

Food cravings?
Still anything carby, pasta and chips. I've been really addicted to chocolate this week. It's okay to eat Kit-Kats in bed when you're preggo, right?!

Anything making you feel queezy or sick?
I CANNOT STAND cooked peppers any more, the smell and taste, eugh literally just talking about them make me feel sick! And asparagus still.

We wont know for another 7 weeks :( They thought they might be able to guess, but they couldn't tell yet. Boohoo. I'm still convinced it's a boy though.

-Although I said in my video last week some of my symptoms had calmed down, some have returned, and I have a whole new set to ad to the collection this week, lovely :)
-Sickness at the beginning of the week, the worst yet.
-Tiredness, but I think this was mainly from not being able to get comfy at night.
-I also felt a little quiet and hormonal this week, I've been crying because I'm happy, crying because I'm sad. I even cried when I saw a mummy feeding her baby yesterday... I'm certainly emotional haha 
I also feel really angry, I don't know why, just like I want to smash a plate or kick something!
I feel a little frustrated with myself because I thought I'd got over that, but I suppose it's going to be up and down.
-The mask of pregnancy- a little red/borwn-ish rash on my face around my eyes. It looks like tiny red/brown-ish dots. Apparently this due to hormone imbalance (what isn't?!).
-I also had a sciatic pain down the back of one of my legs, it kind of hurts when I walk :( I'm hoping it'll go away but I've read that it sometimes gets worse. Anyone else experienced this?
-Oh and not forgetting headaches, I've had 2 awful ones this week that have lasted the whole
- I've also seen a big vein appearing on my tummy, ew.
- Period-like cramps.

Belly button in or out?

Happy or moody most of the time?
It's been a combination! Is it weird to say that sometimes I feel both at the same time? I'm really angry for no reason too. I literally feel like a crazy person! haha

Looking forward to? 
Feeling a proper kick for the first time, I know it's only 3 or 4 weeks now until this normally happens.

That's it for this week, sorry this post was so long! Do leave your link if you've done similar pregnancy updates, I'd love to read :) 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Youtube A weekend vlog | Fat pregnant legs

I suppose this vlog isn't really very pregnancy related at all, but it was such a lovely weekend, and we'd been filming so I though you guys might like a nosey. Let me know if you like it :)

You can see my other Youtube videos here, Instagram here and Twitter here.

Tata for now :)

Friday, 5 July 2013

Crystal Pink

I realize every post and video on my blog and YouTube channel has been pregnancy or baby related recently, so I thought I'd do a little beauty post today for ya'.

This, right here, is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE LIPSTICK...

Yup, other lipsticks have come and gone, but I always come back to Crystal Pink by Estee Lauder. For all of you beauty bloggers out there, you'll understand this is a pretty big statement!

This smells incredible, and is the most deliciously moisturizing lipstick I have ever used. I don't even need to apply a balm before application unless I want to.

The staying power is amazing (just like any other lipstick you need a top up after you eat, but other than that). It's seriously long lasting.

It's the perfect day-time shade, pink enough to look like you're wearing lipstick but not too pink to look over the top.

I know £20 may seem expensive, but believe me, it's 100% worth it!

I'm not sure if you will really be able to tell the colour of the lipstick by this photo, I didn't filter it, and sorry for the tired face, getting up for work at 6am does this to me...

Have you ever tried the true colour lipstick collection by Estee Lauder? What are your all time favourite lipsticks?

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Youtube- Come along to our 13 week scan :)

Yesterday we went for our 13 week baby scan. I can't believe the first 3 months are over already, it didn't seem like it was going fast at the time because  felt so ill, but looking back it flew by. 
I wonder if the rest of my pregnancy will go by so quickly?
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the vlog!
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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Youtube- The First Trimester

Hi guys, as promised, my first Youtube video upload in AGES! 
It's all about my experience of the first trimester of my pregnancy, I hope you enjoy it. Sorry I look a little worse for wear!