Wednesday, 30 March 2011

One for the morning..

Rise and shine beauties! Brrr its chilly out this morning, better wrap up today and make sure you have an umberella!
So I wonder if any of you beauties ever come across the same problem as I've had this morning. I went to apply my eyebrow pencil, but it just seemed like it didn't want to come out, even if I pressed super hard. It's so annoying, I think it's because it's coming to the end of it's usable life, sob :(
But there are a couple of little tricks you can try to revive it...
1) Just sharpen it! If this doesn't work....
2) Try holding the lead over the flame of a lighter for a few seconds, this should warm it up and mean you're ready to go again!

Happy eyebrow, eye and lip lining beauties! Xx

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Look Good Feel Better Campaign for Cancer, a post dedicated to my mum Xx

Bonsoir beauties,

So I'm not doing my usual make-up reviewing tonight. 
This evening I'd like to take a more serious note than usual and tell you all about something very close to my heart. A company called "Look Good Feel Better". 
What LGFB do, is recommend cosmetics and give tips to women who are seriously ill with cancer, to help combat the outward signs of being ill.

As some of you beauties may or may not know, my beautiful mummy passed away last year due to cancer. Mum was such a gracious and polite patient, the nurses loved her and said she was a pleasure to look after. 
One of the things mum would always ask my sister and I do do when she was in hospital, was to apply her make up and fix her hair for her (especially when she became unable to do it herself). 
She May have been seriously poorly and feeling like absolute hell, but she didn't want to look like it too... of course she hardly ever did, she always looked gorgeous! It's amazing to think what a difference a little make up and hair spray made to her spirits and how she felt. Much more like her normal self again. It was the best feeling knowing that we were able to help her feel better about herself.

So this got me to thinking, what about all the women who aren't lucky enough to have close friends and family there to help them? How do they make themselves look and feel better?
This is why I think LGFB is such a worthwhile cause, and I know my mum would have felt the same. I am going to try and get involved in any way I can.

So beauties, I just wanted to raise your awareness for this wonderful campaign, you may know somebody who would be extremely grateful to know about it. It's not just for women either, they have a men and teen section on the website too. 
You should definitely check out the sight, here's a link:


P.S Just to let you know, my sister and I will be running the Race For Life on Hampstead Heath again this year, in honour of our mum Jenny Maggs, we think about her every day and miss her more than ever. If any of you beauties would like to sponsor us it would mean a lot, I will post a link soon Xx 

Monday, 28 March 2011

Chanel CoCo Madamoiselle premiere

Bonjour beauties,

 How are we all this morning? I'm super pleased that the sun has decided to rear it's little head today, and the evenings are lighter, sprinkles a bit of happiness about the place doesn't it...
Sorry for the delay with this piece, had some computer problems (eugh). 
I was so excited about this entry that I actually wrote it on my lunchbreak yesterday, I just couldn't wait.
(I know, I know, I'm a Starbucks junkie)

Now, as far as I am aware, the CoCo Mademoiselle advert aired on TV Saturday night, so some of you may have been lucky enough to see it. For those of you beauties who haven't had the chance yet, let me tell you a little about it...
It's to celebrate the relaunch of the CoCo Chanel fragrance, 3 years on from the original. The lovely, celebrated British actress Keira Knightly plays Miss CoCo Mademoiselle, an elegant, seductive and powerful woman. Wearing a beige Catsuit and gliding through the beautiful streets of Paris on a beige motorbike, she arrives at a glamorous Chanel photoshoot where she falls in love with the photographer. A beautiful advert that transports you into a fantasy story.

Now beauties, I was lucky enough to watch this add and the making of it in the Chanel cinema. Yes, that's right, they had a mini cinema set up especially for promotion. It was an exquisite little set up, all white with frosted glass doors, shaped like a perfume bottle. I have to say, I fell a little bit in love with it and kind of wanted to move in!

Inside gave a timeless elegant feel, clear glass chairs, white curtains and gold birds on the wallpaper.
On a table, the helmet Keira wears in the advert, CoCo Chanel books, and a giant perfume bottle (When we asked about the price for this, I nearly choked...£2,500...)

On entrance, we were given a chance to participate in the "Chanel Journey" were we would answer questions about the advert and win prizes along the way! Fab, nothing I love more than some cosmetic freebies!
 The journey begins in the cinema, carries on to the beauty counter, and ends on the fragrance counter (which is the only stand alone Chanel fragrance counter).

We won a cute little sample of the new fragrance, a sample of the new lip gloss Rouge CoCo Shine, and a beautiful ceramic Chanel perfume bottle that you spray with a fragrance and use as an air freshener. I also managed to pick up some make up tools: powder puff and mini lip brush. I haven't tried them out yet but will let you lovely ladies know if there is anything you just shouldn't live without!

So, behind the scenes and the making of....
Keira told us she was unaware of just how provocative the advert would be, and that it made her blush! Who would expect that from such a massive star?! She went on to say that she found the character of CoCo Mademoiselle "quite terrifying, but I really want to be her, she's full of mischief, and I really like that". Miss Keira was so gracious, saying how we should appreciate everyone's hard work, and that it wasn't just about her. Good to know fame and money hasn't gone to her head isn't it beauties?

The perfume itself is a tasteful blend of orange, black pepper and lavender. I know it sounds like an unlikely mix, but they really compliment each other. You beauties should go and sniff a tester next time you're near a Chanel counter.
All in all a wonderful experience, thank you Chanel for a super day :) Xx

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Chanel Premiere - featuring Keira Knightley

Hey beauties, hope you've all had a fab weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. 
Mines been exciting, guess what I did today?
I went to the premiere of the new advert for CoCo Chanel Mademoiselle fragrance, featuring Keira Knightly. 

It was all so impressive, Chanel set up their own little cinema, gorgeous of course (you wouldn't expect anything less)! 
We previewed the advert, which was beautiful and yet to be seen on tv, and then we heard all about behind the scenes and the filming process from miss Keria herself. 

The team at Chanel topped it all off by taking us on what they called a "Chanel Journey", where we did a little Chanel quiz and won make up and fragrance and given samples and freebies.
In a word, the experience was PERFECT!

I will tell you all about it tomorrow beauties, I have exclusive photos of the Chanel cinema, delightful samples and the only stand alone Chanel fragrance counter....woop!! 
But for now, I need my beauty sleep!
Sweet dreams Xx

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Linken Park After Dark and Katy Perry

Good evening, just a quick one tonight beauties, this is my new favourite OPI nail varnish, Linken Park after Dark

A definite BBF (best beauty friend). It looks black in the photo, but it's actually a rich dark purple shade and has a slight shimmery tinge to it aswell. It's Kim Kardashinans fav also (which is why I tried it), so glam!
I'm really loving the OPI ranges, there are so many fun colours and I love the names.
My lunchbreak at work was complete today, Starbucks, beauty notepad and a new OPI. 

Bliss. Deffo try it out. Xx

P.S Did any of you beauties know that OPI have teamed up with pop princess Katy Perry to bring you fabulous new shades?!
  Apply the all new black shatter top coat over the top of a shade and watch as a hollywood-esq nail appears... I love it. Ms Perry has cleverly named her collection after her songs,        "last "Friday night", "Teenage Dream", "The One that Got Away" and "Not Like in the Movies". Xx

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Your Weekday Tips and Tricks...

Hey beauties, just a couple more tips I thought you might like...

1. Got dark eye-bags? Your concealer should always be a shade or two lighter than your foundation, works like a charm. 

2. Highlighter is your secret weapon, great for going from office to play. It really picks you up after a long day and brightens up tired looking skin. 
The trick is to know where to apply. Don't just highlight your cheekbones and nose, go for the inner corners of your eyes, the centre of your lip clef and your temples too! 
Good highlighters to test out are Benefit High Beam, or Chanel Eclat Lumiere. 

3.  Want your skin tanned and prepped for that first glimpse of the sun?! When you fake tan, make sure you exfoliate daily so your tan fades evenly, this way you avoid any blotchy patches. 

4. As a general rule, you should only exfoliate your face once or twice a week. 


The Big Benefit Experience- Part 3 First Base, a review of That Gal Primer

Good evening beauties, I hope you've all had a fab weekend! 
Firstly, sorry for the lack of posts over the past couple of weeks.

Now, every beauty junkie knows that gorgeous skin is the key for barely there make-up. 
So if you have an uneven skin tone and blemishes then Benefit's That Gal primer will be your skin saviour! 

I know most of you beauties probably don't use a face primer, but That Gal is a great way to prep your skin before applying make-up for a flawless finish.
It's £21.50 comes in quite a generous tube, but I must be honest and I do think it's a little overpriced. 

You just need to squeeze a couple of blobs out and rub them in evenly all over your face, the same way you would do with a moisturiser. 
The light pink pigments tone down the redness of any blemishes.
That Gal  creates the perfect smooth base for your foundation, and will stop it sliding throughout the day, meaning less touch ups for us beauties!

I like this primer because it isn't to thick and doesn't feel heavy on my skin, and it smells scrummy too. 

Another great Primer to try and a slightly cheaper alternative to That Gal is by Too Faced and called Primed and Poreless £18.50. It doesn't have a lovely scent like That Gal, but is quite a lot thicker, so perfect if you have uneven skin.

Why not give it a try beauties?! Xx