Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Run, whirlwind run

Good morning my darlings!!

So for one reason or another, I really haven't been giving my blog very much time or attention recently. I guess I've just been super busy living and enjoying life :)
I've had a rip-roaring couple of weeks of being totally spoilt (heck, why not?!)... wine-swilling, The Nutcracker ballet, La Soiree (a contemporary circus/caberet), Secret Cinema , working, art gallery going, weekend spa-ing, baking, and dog-walking. Oh and throw in Christmas and new years eve too. Few.
So, alas, I have neglected you. Forgive me?

Here's a quick little mid-week round-up of things I'm loving at this moment in time...

The Naked and Famous

I. Heart. Them.
You know when you like an album so much you have it constantly on loop?! This is mine at the moment! I'm literally obsessed with them. You can have a cheeky listen to some of their stuff  here.
Their lyrics are so cute... a couple of my bestest lines are:

*How would you cope if the world decided to
  Make you suffer for all that you were?

*Like punching in a dream breathing life into the nightmare

*What will you do when something stops you?
  What will you say to the world?
  What will you be when it all comes crashing
  Down on you little girl?

I'm also loving... Patrick Wolf, Friendly Fires and The Kills.

I stumbled across a blog named Charade yesterday that I am completely and utterly in love with. I spent the whole day reading pretty much every post.
I guess you would describe it as a self-development/self-help blog... not everyone’s cup of tea I know, but I would deffo recommend having a peek.
It's a lovely positive read with tons of advice and some beautiful quotes and photos too.
To give you a taster, here are some of my best bits so far...
* It's endless because it's beautiful and beautiful because it's endless...
* Whatever happens to us in life and love, be it hellish or heavenly, it is never worthless if we choose to take a lesson from it.
* Don't you see that jealousy is inconsequential? Let Jealousy inspire you.
*why do we prioritize pining about things people have that we don't, rather than skipping about in a merry haze, cheering about all the things that we are blessed with over others? We're a funny old species.

Another blog I'm really loving at the moment is Gala Darling , which i suppose is a very similar sort of blog to Charade, but a little edgier and pretty random too. There really is something for everyone on here... a few of my fav parts are:
100 things to do when you're sad
in praise of calling it quits: what to do when you're burnt out, and how to get your spark back


Marie Antoinette.
Eugh I just want to live in this film. Gorgeous costume dresses and a country retreat, yes please (minus the be-heading of course). I like to fall asleep to this one...

That is all for now lovies, see you soon!

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  1. i love that pot, its simply amazing! please check my blog!xx