Monday, 29 April 2013

Hot House Peyony

Hot House Peyony by Anythropologie is officially my new favourite candle.

I’ve been lighting this whilst I get ready for bed, it’s such a relacing, calming scent. A mixture of white lily and rose, mmmmmm. It’s honestly like a little piece of heaven, and I really look forward to lighting it (is that really super sad?!).

It fills up the whole room so quickly, it’s strong but not overpowering at all.
And ladies, just look at the gorgeous vintage style jar too, it looks so pretty on my bedside table!

Like other Anthropologie candles, I've burnt this for a good few hours now and it's hardly gone down at all, so I’d definitely say it’s long lasting and worth the money.

What are your favourite candles to light whilst you’re relaxing?

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Kate Spade

I have a new baby, and I'm utterly in love.
Meet my new 'Charlotte Street Angela' handbag by the wonderful Kate Spade.

My fiance spoilt me (once again) when we were browsing around Westfields last weekend. I am one lucky little lady! Thank you :)

I LOVE the bright yellow, I tend to wear a lot of black and white so this little one will certainly brighten me up, and is the perfect bag to take to Vegas this month. 
I also tend to carry a heck of a lot of things around with me (anyone else do that?!), so I'm hoping that this will help me downsize!
It's my perfect summer clutch, or daytime handbag.

Have you ever fallen in love with a handbag? I seem to be falling hard and fast pretty often these days...


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Great Kisser

Finally a little beauty post, it's been a while hasn't it?! Somehow my little blog has turned into more of an online diary, I'm not sure how this happened, woops...

Anyway, back to beauty it is.
Soap and Glory is not normally a brand that I would think to try, but when they very kindly sent me a couple of lip products to try out I could hardly say no.

A Great Kisser lip balm in juicy peach literally hasn't left my handbag since the day it arrived on my desk, so I thought I'd share it with you little lot :)

This is such a great little edition to my summer make up bag.
It's super duper moisturizing, a little sticky, but in a good way. It smells gorgeous and tastes good too (I am aware this sounds a little weird, don't worry I don't go around licking it or anything...)

It's great in combination with lipsticks too, as it gives your lips a really smooth soft base to work with.
It's ever so slightly tinted, I suppose sheer nude would describe it best. It gives you a natural glossy look, and I've actually been wearing it just on it's own most days. 

Over all, I've been very pleasantly surprised, and for £5, it's a totally affordable little treat.
I'm keen to try other products by Soap and Glory now, who new I'd find such a gem from a drugstore!

Have you tried A Great Kisser yet? What other Soap and Glory products would you recommend for me?


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Love Brunch

Hey there kids, have you all enjoyed the sunshine this weekend? We certainly made the most of it :)

On Saturday we headed over to the beautiful Kensington Roof Gardens, for the monthly summer party, Lovebrunch.

Fancy fruity cocktails, a DJ and sunshine, all surrounded by flowers and streams on the rooftop. What more could you want from the daytime party?!

I may have over estimated how hot it was going to be, but I was desperate to showcase this cute white play suit, what do you think of it? I love it :)

I'd definitely recommend it if you're in London looking for some summertime fun. It sells out pretty quickly though, as you can imagine, so it's best to make sure you book your tickets early!


Monday, 15 April 2013

Photo diary #20 The things that no one else sees

An afternoon in the hammock | Learning whilst drinking :) | New coffee maschine | Cupcakes in Clapham | Prosecco in the sunshine | The Jam Tree flowers | Widge enjoying the coffee maschine box

Guess what? We've booked a trip to Las Vegas next month... aaahhhhh!!
I'm beyond excited as I have neer been to America before.
After a couple of days in Vegas we're planning on driving to LA, California and maybe San Diego too. I can't wait to blog about it, I've always wanted to do a little American roadtrip. And all with my best buddy :)
Being a women though, naturally I had a total melt down about my holiday wardrobe. Therefore Saturday meant FIVE HOURS in Selfridges...  fewf! We had to have wine breaks to de-stress from the chaos. I'm pretty sure Stefan wanted to kill me more than once.
I picked up a couple of really nice bits though (I have a super generous fiance, thank you!) from All Saints (possibly my most favourite shop ever) and Ted Baker. I don't really do outfit posts, I'm so awkward on camera, but I might do a couple of posts on them if you fancy it?

On Sunday, after a much needed morning coffee from the shiney new coffee maschine, we went to the usual breakfast haunt for pancakes and omelettes. It was super sunny by the time we finished, so we took a stroll around Clapham common and ended up in The Jam Tree garden sipping prosecco.

My afternoon consisted of  basking in the sunshine on our hammock (with more prosecco, the sun came out, don't judge me!) and swatting up on my driving skills.

Oh, I've got a couple of reviews lined up, lip products and my new favourite candle... lots going on before America :)

How did you spend this weekend? If you have an recommendations for good places or things to do in Vegas and America, do leave me a comment :)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Photo Diary #19 love you 'til the end

I said bye bye to long hair | A quick espresso in Clapham | Huge deer in Richmond park | Picnicing with my favourite person | Cocktail Safari 1 | Cocktail Safari 2 | Enjoying my champagne and pear concoction | Dinner in Mews of Mayfair | English Tea on Primrose Hill

I'm a little late with this post, but last weekend was quite possibly my favourite weekend this year so far, so I thought I'd still share a few snaps with you lovely lot...

If you were in London last Saturday you'll know the sun popped out. Sunshine on a Saturday?! Well done London, very well done!
On Saturday morning, I had all my long hair chopped off.
Surprisingly, I really love it, sometimes change can be good :) I wish I'd been brave enough to do it before. What do you think? Do you prefer it this way, or when I had it long? 

After  having the chop, I jumped on the Vespa with Stefan and we scooted to Richmond park. We settled down with a rug and a picnic down by the lake and basked in the sun. Saying it was relaxing really doesn't do it justice, I forget how much I love the feel of the sun on my skin :)

The evening consisted of a 'Cocktail Safari', although we only made it to a couple of bars, one of which being Polo, one of my favourite cocktail bars in central London. We had dinner and drinks in a really cute little place called Mews of Mayfair. It's a great all rounder; a restaurant, bar on the top floor, and a club in the basement. I'd definitely recommend it, I'll have to do a proper post on it next time I go.

On Sunday we had a quiet one, just scooting to Primrose Hill in north London for a little stroll and a Sunday roast. I would have put some photos up, but they really would't do Primrose Hill justice, you really must go and see it for yourself if you ever get the chance. A spectacular view of London. 

Did you all enjoy that little splash of sun last weekend? 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Venice - Days three and four.

Day three was probably my favorite day of the whole trip. The sun decided to show it's little face, and Venice looks even more magical in the sunlight.

A little tired from the night before, we started the day off with some tasty gelato (if you can't have gelato for breakfast whilst on holiday, when can you?!), and took a sunny stroll down to the famous St Marcs Square in the centre of Venice.
We spotted an outdoor restaurant with a band playing outside, and decided to sit in the sun with the ultimate home comfort, English breakfast tea, accompanied by an array of biscuits.

It was such a warm sunny spot, we stayed put all afternoon, chatting and people watching, and drinking sparkling wine. We soaked up every possible moment in the sun, and didn't shift from our table until it disappeared. Such a perfect way to spend the afternoon!

Proving just how easy it is to get lost in Venice, on the way back to our hotel, we ended up completely and utterly lost, on the other side of the Island in a Jewish Ghetto. Even with the aid of Google maps it felt like an impossible task to find our way back!

On Day four, we trotted into town for some salad wraps (on a side note, if you're looking for healthy food in Venice, it's pretty much impossible, it’s all pasta and pizza). We headed to the Bell Tower, to take photographs of the city from above. Somehow we managed to get lost again, and somehow, it turned into a little bar crawl again, oopsy!
Collectively over the four days, we must have been lost for just over 6 hours... wow.
We had such an amazing time in Venice, and will definitely be heading back for a day trip in the summer. It’s such a stunning City, I’d definitely recommend it for a city break.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Venice - Day Two

My Venice posts have been a little *ahem* okay, very delayed haven't they?! It feels like life has been non-stop since we landed back in England!

Anyway, Day 2 of our Venice trip began with indulging in a breakfast of big juicy strawberries in bed. There's something so luxurious about the perfect crisp white sheets of a hotel, and the over-sized comfy toweling dressing gown. Isn't it the best?
We wondered a few streets around the corner and found a local seafood restaurant. So local, that the menu was completely in Italian and their English was pretty much non existent. We decided to do a bit of a 'lucky dip' with the menu, and ended up being served HUGE platter of fish, heads, tails and all. Stef looked like he wanted to cry. Luckily it ended up being delicious, and washed down with wine, be-heading the fish turned out to be sort of fun too, in the least macabre way... tehe.

The rain was so relentless, so after a couple of Americano’s spiked with whisky, we ended up on another bar crawl around the city. I'd love to be able to tell you all the places we went to, but being slightly intoxicated I can't quite remember them all, and Venice being the maze it is, I'm pretty sure you'd have a hard time finding them even if you tried.
We had found another lovely hotel called the Bauer, and snuggled up out of the rain with a bottle of champagne. It was a Black Russian however, that finished me off... we stumbled into the nearest Pizzeria to sober up before the walk back to our hotel.

It was only then that some bizarre sirens started going off on boats all over the city, it was kind of scary and very surreal! It turns out that the sirens were warnings; Venice had flooded whilst we'd been boozing.
I mean, totally flooded. We had to whip some bin bags on our legs and wade through the water to get back to our hotel. It sounds like a total nightmare but it was absolutely hilarious, definitely something I didn't think I'd be doing and something I'll never forget!