Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Why does eyeliner always head south?! A Natural collection review

Good evening beauties,
Wednesday over already, yay over the middle of the week hump, happy humpday :D
Yesterday I ran out of eyeliner *sob* so, I purchased this cheap treat From boots Natural Collection as a little top up to make do with, while i wait for pay day (when I will probably end up buying an overpriced higher end one).

(Sorry about the crapola photo, it was the only one I could find, due to the fact that I'm being too lazy to take my own tonight).

 The last eyeliner I used was Benefit, unfortunetly I didnt get on with at all. Lovely quality, but something about that pencil made my eyes water like mad. Literally streaming, not what you want on a night out. In fact, after my last venture out in Camden, I even had a little eye infection the day after, from touching my eyes so much 'cos they were watering, yuck!
Why does liner always head south?! Is it just me this happens to?!
Because of the price of Natural Collections eyeliner (£1.99)I wasn’t expecting much, however I was pleasantly surprised. As many of you will know, I am usually not too keen on the cheaper makeup that is available because from experience I have found that the quality isn't too great, obviously you wont get the best quality pencil for £1.99.
First application is brilliant it is soft enough to go on easily and to smudge into place for a smoky eye effect but not too soft that it breaks easily. One line enough of a color wasn't quite enough so I went over it once and that made it much better. The softness and smooth consistency of the pencil makes it so easy to blend and meant that there was no dragging of the delicate skin in the eye area. I would say it even feels kind of creamy. 
After a couple of hours you will find that it may look a little thin and faded and needs to be reapplied. BUT I have found this with many eyeliners so I wasn't expecting miracles from a product so cheap, and it can hardly be a bad point if loads of other liners do it too. 

I also found that it had better staying power on my top lid than my lower lid... and I was actually pretty impressed with that. It would be definitely a good idea to have a matte non greasy base on your eyelid, perhaps some eyeshadow primer. I was rather surprised that this didn't irritate my eyes at all, which just goes to show me, that the bigger brands aren't always best.
If you want somethings that's going to stay put for a long night out, i wouldn't recommend this. If its just something to use on a daily basis that you don't mind topping up every now and then, you've found yourself a bargin :) This pencil is better for a smokey look as it does smudge, but maybe it's just me as every eyeliner i use seems to seems to slide off. I actually really liked the smudgey look i got from this liner though.
If you're on a budget, and like a smokey eye look, you need this in your life. Have you tried this liner? If so, what did you think?

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