Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Butchered in Covent Garden

Hey my lovely beauties, hope everyone is having a happy humpday :)

It's a big moan from me today I'm afraid...
Why is it so super hard to find a decent hairdresser these days?
If like me, you've ever had a truley traumatic hair dressing experience, I feel for you, I honestly do. Normal people are afraid of the dentist, I am afraid of hairdressers, I can't help it. Once I had the cut I liked, my mum used to trim it for me when it got a little too long.

These days, I need to knock back a glass of very large wine whilst in I'm in the chair. I get so panicy.
This trip was no exception, in fact, it was without a doubt the MOST HORRIFIC hairdressing experience I've ever had in my whole 22years of being. Last night I actually thought I was going to have a panic attack.
Edward Sciccorhands would have done a better job. It was so upsetting,

Firstly, before I go off into a huge rant, I would like to say that I am not in the habit of not paying for my haircuts. This is the first time I have ever refused to pay for a haircut, and I'm bloody glad I didn't, I'll list the reasons why...

When I walked in, the 3 male Italian hairdressers seemed to be friendly, but as time went on I felt increasingly uncomfortable and unwelcome.

The cut

The hairdresser (who was the manager/owner) didn't seem to be listening to what I wanted. He cut (or should I say hacked) way too much off (*sobs*) and then when I said it was a little shorter than I wanted, he made a joke of it, picking up a tiny bit of hair off the floor and saying that was all he cut off. This made me feel really uncomfortable and kind of insulted.

He didn't ask me where my parting was, or how I wanted it.
He didn't ask me how I wanted my layers, you probably all know that normally they'll ask where you want them to fall, short, long etc.The whole time he wasn't concentrating and seemed to be rushing through it.

He did a rough blunt cut and didn't cut back into my hair once it was dry, so it was left it all blunt and un-even at the back. It looks completely butchered, no joke. Later when I got home I realised he had attemted layers about an inch above where the rest of my hair fell, obviously blunt cut again.

At least he barely touched what was supposed to be my side fringe, imagine what he would have done to that.

After this, he came right up into my face (personal spaaace) to ask me how it was, I felt so uncomfortable the entire time I was there I just wanted to get the hell out of there!

Oh and he didn't even get a mirror and show me the back of my hair looked like, he just said it was done! The list literally just goes on and on, shocker.

Then the three of them  proceeded to have a meeting infront of me, about an advert they were placing in a magazine (peh, what a joke). Whilst being very unproffesional (surely they could have gone out for coffee or at least had this meeting in another room), it also meant that I had to listen to them complaining about how much money they would have to pay. Bloomin' awful.

The colour
My hairdresser was completely unhelpful when it came to choosing a colour for my 'low lights', saying there was only one option. I wasn't even offered a variety of colours. (Normally when you get highlights or lowlights they will put 3 or 4 different colours in, just to make sure it blends well).

The colourist barely spoke English and didn't understand that I wanted to cover certain bits up. When he was mixing the dye he had to go back and change it, this didn't leave me feeling very confident.

The results were, thankfully, not that noticable, but certainly hadn't covered up the bits I don't like, and actually just added to them in a colour that I didn't like. Later when I said I didn't like it, they just laughed it off and told me it looked nice. 

 They kept saying it looked lovely when it was in foils?! At this point I was so desperate to get out of there I genuinely considered pulling the foils out myself and just walking out. 

Then they left me completely alone for ages, whilst they stood in front of the doorway and smoked. I had to ask them to come in and wash the colour off. I couldn't believe it.

On top of all of this they didn't seem to know where anything was and were completely unorganised, and not once did they offer me a magazine the whole 3 hours that I was there (I know this point may seem silly but it all adds up ladies!).

I liked my hair better before I came in, and I was so unhappy when I left that I burst into tears in the middle of the street, and then again when I got back home. I would like to add, I wasn't upset 'cos I am super vein or anything, but it has really just knocked my confidence. I literally just don't want to look in the mirror at my hair and certainly wont be wearing it down for a while. I'm going to hermit away until it grows back. 

The whole experiance was from start to finish, in 1 word, traumatising. It's actually been painful to write about it and relive it again!!

Oh how I wish I had googled it...
I did just that today and you'll never believe what I found...eclipse hairdressing reviews (I also added my review to it!).

Don't EVER go there!! I never want any of you beauties to have the same horrible experience I had! Seriously, my dog had her fur cut last week, and she looks better than I do.
I have tagged Covent Garden in my Twitter review, hopefully they will be aware of this situation and wont recommend or feature Eclipse. I also plan on writing to Watchdog because I'm so upset and angry that they could get away with any of this. 

I've well and truley learnt my lesson, and from now on will always be picking a well established brand of hairdresser such as Toni and Guy. It is a shame though, I'm sure there are loads of really great little independant hairdressers out there, but I for one am going to play it safe from now on. That is, if I ever work up the courage to go to the hairdressers ever again.

bleeeugh, rant over.

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