Sunday, 14 August 2011

Kim Kardashian esq make-up storage

Hey beauties, happy Sunday! 

Firstly have to say, if any of you are thinking about going to see "Rise of The Planet of The Apes"... GO!! I saw it last night and I give it 5/5. Unbelievable CGI and even makes you teary in parts too. 

Today I'm having an R&R day, with a spot of blogging and a spot of baking. (I'll post a picture of my rainbow and cloud cupcakes when they have finished being decorated). 

When it comes to my make-up storage, I'm afraid I'm not very tidy. I promise I do try, but I always end up just throwing everything in my big white basket, which is why I can never find anything! I find it so hard to find anything suitable, maybe it's because I am a little too fussy, I don't know...

After gazing longingly at Kim Kardashian's UH-MA-ZING make-up storage, I knew that was the look I wanted.

 However after researching, I found out it came with a rather hefty price tag (no surprise there). See for yourselves, this is the link...Kim K's exact make up storage

I did manage to find a much more price friendly alternative at MUJ...
 MUJ acrylic make up storage

I bought one standard draw set for £8.50, and one with a lift up lid to go on top for £8.95. I'm so pleased with it, it's perfect and nowhere near the price tag of 'The Clear Cube'... thank god! I found these in the MUJ on Kings road (Chelsea), I know they have them in the Regent street branch too. For any of you non-London beauties wishing to purchase, that's what the website is for :)

The great thing about these draws, are that they are stack-able, so as your make-up collection grows, you can just buy another one to stack on top. Simples. So far, I have just put a selection of things that I love and use the most in here, to make them easily accessible (some of my make-up is still waiting to be stored...eek). Being able to see exactly what's in there certainly makes life in the mornings easier and a little faster. 

Along with their flawless make-up, I also love the Kardashians home style too. The good news is, these draws will always go with any kind of decor I decide for my bedroom :) Love them. 

What do you use for storing your make-up? Where did you buy it? 

Tata for now beauties, back to cupcakes, Gossip Girl marathon and R&R. Xx


  1. Oh my goodness!! thank you so much for your blog post! I did a similar one back in australia a little while ago but now i'm back in england I need storage!! cannot wait to place an order!! so so happy I just read your post :D

  2. hehe no problem, i love it, best part is you can see everything!

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