Sunday, 10 July 2011

Lazy Sunday, Fat Hair and yay for Chanel.

Well beauties, hope you are having nice lazy Sundays, whatever you are getting up too. I love Sundays, r&r days. The only thing on my ‘To Do’ list today, is a cup of tea with my sister (have you all been reading her cute crafty blog? magic maggenpie) and to take my pooch for a walk, she’s sulking and wining as I haven’t taken her out yet. It’s what I imagine having a small child is like!

Sulking face :(

Fat Hair review time! As far as shampoo and conditioner goes, I don't like to spend too much money, something that cleans and conditions my hair is all I need. I usually religiously go for Dove products, but these have changed recently and now I’m not such a fan. Searching for a new shampoo upsets me, I like to stick with my favs if I can.

Of course I like to indulge in the more expensive ranges such as TIGI every once in a while, but since my hair is pretty normal (I don't have coloured hair or dry hair), I've never really felt the need to splash out too often.  Fat hair is somewhere in between the low end and high end brands, and is a volumising product. It’s normally £6 a bottle, but Superdrug often do special offers where it is 2 for £7 (or something similar).

 For a start, this brand is pretty scentless. You can smell a little from the bottle but once your hair is dry, it’s traceless. I’m not sure if I like this or not. I hate shampoos and conditioners that have a really overpowering smell, but no smell?! Hmmm... for me, it needs to be somewhere in the middle of the two.
For those of you who are no suds no smile, fear not. This shampoo lathers up really nicely, and it left my hair feeling squeaky clean and removed any build up which may causes greasiness or weigh hair down.  The conditioner instructs you to leave it on for 2 minutes, and you should absolutely do this, it gives much better results. My hair felt smooth and healthier afterwards. The shampoo and conditioner were both, like promised, ultra light.

I felt a little difference to the volume of my hair after using Fat Hair. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t an extreme difference. It certainly was a slight improvement, especially after a blowdry and using volumising products to style with. The product itself lasts for a pretty long time. I wash my hair everyday (I know this is bad, but I have something wrong with me, I literally can't sleep until im cleeeaaan!), and have used this for just over a week, the bottle isn't even half empty yet.

Over all, I’m not sure I will be purchasing Fat Hair again, I wasn’t overly impressed. Good for you beauties who are picky with smells like I am! Not so good if you want to see a massive difference in the Volume of your hair.

Anyhoo, yesterday I trotted over to the Chanel counter to finally return to my old faithful foundation, after a series of hit and miss trials with other brands. This really works well with my skin and I honestly don’t think I can live without it. I’ll be buying this until they day it leaves the shelves. 

Yes it’s expensive, but in my opinion, totally worth it, just for the MASSIVE confidence boost it gives me about my skin. Also I just LOVE being treated so nicely on the Chanel counters, the MUA are so helpful, and I got the cutest little sample of the Vitalumiere Eclat Comfort Radiance Compact. 

Perfect handbag-sized compact :)

Now, I don’t usually use powers, I don’t really do the matt look. However I most certainly will be trying this one out, even if I only use it to set my make-up. Keep an eye out for a review in a few days time :)

Tata for now beauties Xx

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