Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Gosh and My Safe Haven

Good afternoon my beauties,

I know I always post pictures of my woodland dog walks, but I just wanted to show you a couple more...

I love coming to these woods. It’s my favourite place. Whenever I feel sad or just need a break from life in general, I come here to relax and have some down time. Sometimes I walk, sometimes I just sit, and sometimes I’ll do some writing. It's my sanctuary, and a safe haven amid all the other madness in my life. Everyone should have a place as beautiful as this to escape to every now and then.

Anyhoo.... Back to beauty!!

As you may have noticed, I am on a bear hunt for a new favourite foundation. As much as I love my high end brands, I thought it was about time I tested some cheaper products for you beauties.

So I strolled up to the high road with one thing on my mind, to get my greasy little mitts on some GOSH foundation. Yes that’s right, I picked up the cheapest foundation I have purchased in a long time. The only drugstore foundation I've bought in about 2 or 3 years now. God I sound like a snob. I'm not I promise. 

GOSH ‘Natural touch’ foundation is just £8.99 a bottle (MEGA cheap compared with my usual £35 splurge). I specifically chose the moisturising one, it also contains almond oil, and I was really looking forward to using it.
I did a swatch test, on the left Chanel  Vitalumiere Aqua (not sure which shade it is woops) and on the right, GOSH Natural Touch in shade 42 Honey. 

The packaging is...okay. I don't think pharmacy foundations spend much money on the actual packaging.
The foundation itself is probably (I’m guessing here as they don’t mention it) a medium to buildable coverage. The consistency is quite thin, and light, and once applied it did take a while to settle nicely. It was quite hard to apply evenly (I apply my foundations with a damp sponge), and took longer then I normally spend. At first I thought it looked rather patchy, but after a few minutes it seemed to calm down and settle evenly, and I was actually pretty happy with the results. I used a make-up setter spray to help it along . 

So for the first couple of hours I was fairly impressed by it. It DID give me a healthy glow, and as promised, looked super natural. Here are a couple of snaps about 2 ours after application, I'm not sure if you'll be able to see properly, the lighting wasnt great.

 You'll have to excuse my half finished make up... and my hair on top of my head. This is what I do when my hair isn't as clean as it possibly could be...

But as the time went on I started noticing patches and even places where I felt it had disappeared. This made me feel kind of self conscious as I’m going through a bit of a bad skin patch as it is, without looking patchy too. So I’ve tried applying with different brushes, using primers, setting with different powders and sprays. It definitely stays on better when using a decent primer and spray setting. But then this kind of defeats the point of buying a less expensive foundation, doesn’t it?!
It would definitely be good for someone with very clear skin who isn’t looking for a massive amount of coverage, and doesn’t really want to wear it for a long amount of time.
I won’t be using this again. Obviously this was just my reaction to it, everyone's skin is different.


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