Monday, 11 July 2011

£1 MUA Minty Nails

Good afternoon beauties, 

how are we all this fine Monday afternoon? It’s so gorgeous here, I’m enjoying a bit of peace and quiet, r&r. Sat in the garden, sipping on a nice cuppa from my favourite mug, and getting some cake inspiration for a certain birthday girl :)

 These look delicious, although I'm not quite sure mine will be quite up to this standard... we can only hope!

I have a new nail colour obsession, MINT!!

Sorry I think the sun is shining on my nails, not sure if you can see the colour too well...

I LOVE this shade, super summery and reminds me of a mint flavour ice cream cone in the countryside. It's something a little different than the shades I normally go for, and brightens up any outfit too :) The best part, its only £1. Yes beauties that's right, £1!! Bargin in my opinion.

It's by a company called MUA (Make Up Academy), exclusive to Superdrug. The whole MUA range (over 100 beauty products), from blushers to lipsticks, are just £1. Insane right?! THANK YOU Superdrug for coming to the rescue of beautie junkies like myself, a make-up addiction can set you back some serious moolah. 
I would reccomend all of you to check out this range, at the price, you can't really go wrong. I know I shall certainly be purchasing some lipsticks and blushers, even just out of curiosity. I've particularly got my eye on the MUA blusher in shade 3, I have a sneaky suspicion it looks very similar to a NARS blusher I have...

 I also want to try the lipstick in shade 5, a cute pale pink colour...

Click on this link to have a sneaky peek... MUA £1 Make Up!!

Obviously the packaging isn't going to be the most glamorous in the world, but it does the job, and you can't really begrudge them. The only thing I will say about this varnish is that you definetly need to do 2 coats, as 1 coat alone is rather see-through. I would also advise a top coat too, just to make it last longer as it can chip easily otherwise. But for a quid, these negatives are rather insignificant. Great for when you want to try a more daring colour without splashing out too much :)
If any of you wanted to try this particular colour, it's shade 5 (they don't have names)!

Laters Xx

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