Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Redness Solutions- Say Bye Bye blotches and blemishes!

Hey Beauties, mid week, hurrah!!

Another day another dollar, that's what I keep telling myself while the sweat shop slowly sucks away my soul. This morning I even considered going to work make up free, and let me tell you, I don't go ANYWHERE with a bare face... Even walking the dog I wear a little cover up, minimum! So, I hit the snooze button for 40 minutes (gotta love that little button, and right at the last minute I decided that I really couldn't leave without my face on! Few!

So, over the last few days, I've switched over from my usual pick of foundation, to Clinique Redness Solutions.

This product claims you'll see a dramatic difference in your skin after using it. Now, I don't have particularly red skin, but I do sometimes suffer from red blemishes and I have a little red scar on my nose which I am constantly trying to cover up, so I gave this foundation a bash anyway.

I was given rather a few testers, so I've been testing redness solutions for just over a week and I have to say, so far it’s getting top marks from me. It actually does do what it claims, I find I don't even need to pop concealer on red blemishes before I apply this, as it combats the red completely, giving me the illusion of clear skin(I haven't been paid to say this, just so you know!). I couldn't say for sure that it has dramatically changed my skin, although it’s very clear at the moment, so who knows.  Only my nearest and dearest have seen me stripped of a make-up face, and you will all know I don not have clear skin at all. In fact I look a bit like Quazimodo underneath the slap, so I could jolly well be Redness Solutions that has helped.

Although I haven't had as many skin compliments using redness solutions as I have with Chanel Lumiere, people have still tended to notice.

The texture is lovely and soft, very light and almost like wearing nothing. I don't feel like the foundation is heavy on my face. Clinique claim this foundation can be used for skin types 1,2 and 3,  from very dry to oily combination skin (if you don't know your skin type, you really should! You may be using all the wrong  products. Most beauty counters will test this for you. I'm no expert but maybe I should do a blog post on this?!)
I'm type 2, although I do find my skin has a mind of its own, sometimes dry, sometimes oily, sometimes clear and sometimes pickled with blemishes.
Anyhoo, this foundation was simply perfect for my skin. It was moisturising yet not too oily, I still got that dewy look that I love (I know I've said that a million times but its truuuue!!). It smells nice too, without being too overpowering.

The shade I've been testing is 03 Calming Ivory. When I was given this I thought, great, its going to be way too pale for me. However, the name is rather deceiving as it is actually not a pale shade in the slightest. This colour really worked well for me, I hate wearing shades that match my skin tone exactly, I like to feel a little lifted and brighter. I'm not sure if there are many shades lighter than this one, so I suggest you paler beauties definitely try out a tester before purchasing this foundation.

Oh and one last perk, redness solutions contains Spf 15, so we will be safe in the sun :) always important, we need to remember to take care of our skin.

Once again beauties I'd like to remind you that I haven't been paid to say this, I genuinely like this product,  Thumbs up :)

Tata for now Xx

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