Sunday, 19 June 2011

The realness of concealness

Happy Sunday beauties!

I hope you are all making the most of the weekend despite this crazy weather we’re having. Not the weather most people want in June, but I actually like splashing around in the rain so it hasn’t bothered me. Plus it gave me an excuse to purchase some new Hunter wellies (an investment in my opinion) 

I’ve just come back from a rainy, muddy woodland dog walk which was supposed to be quick one. After bumping into my lovely neighbours and chatting with other dog owners, it ended up being a two hour long walk. Where does the time go?! It just seemed like everyone wanted to stop and chat today. It’s so unusual for people to do this nowadays, but having a dog is always a talking point, dog walking is always a very sociable thing. Another reason why I love it so much. Liza is like a celebrity in Finchley, everyone wants to see her!

After all the excitment she's exhausted and currently tucked up in bed...
 Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting my new God daughter for the very first time.

 Her name is Tilly, she’s absolutely gorgeous and I’ve never known a baby to smile so much! It’s super cheesy but the best things in life are free, right?
 Anyway, I’ll stop blabbering about my weekend now hehe.

Since I haven't splashed out on makeup in a long while as I’m pretty penniless this month, you can imagine my excitement when Boots began their  No. 7 voucher offers again. I LOVE  this offer. In fact I’ll admit that I stocked up on a few necessities I don’t currently need (face wipes, face wash, deodorant etc.) just so I could have the £5 voucher. Geek.

I was running low on my No.7 concealer, so being practical I used my voucher and bought a back up.  It normally retails at £8.50 but with the offer you can purchase this cheeky little life saver for just £3.50. Amazing. And yes, I STILL swear by this concealer....

I HATE under eye circles. Along with blemishes they are the bain of my life. I wonder how many hours of my life I have spent trying to cover them up. Concealer is the only way forward for me, and this one seems to really do the trick.

The trick with concealer is to go one shade lighter than what you would normally buy. I would never usually go for a fair shade, I hate the pale look (sorry but it’s true) and find lighter foundations make me look washed out. Yet, with this concealer I always buy ’03 fair’. Particularly if you are wishing to conceal dark under eye circles, I would definitely recommend one shade lighter. 

This No.7 quick cover up is an absolute gem for the price, it’s just the right consistency, easy to blend, and will not go cakey (as many concealers tend to do). I apply it rather generously under my eye and also in the inner corners to brighten my eye up.  It’s as easy as that. If you haven’t tried it already, I suggest next time you’re in Boots to take a trip to the No.7 beauty counter. 



After this runs out, I’m going to branch out and test ‘Gosh Touch Up’ concealer, I’ve read many a good review on this!
Tata for now beauties Xx

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