Friday, 24 June 2011

Goldilocks and the hairs

Hey Beauties,
I am currently lying in a field in the woods at the bottom of my house. The grass has just been mowed, it smells amazing. The birds are tweeting and the sun is shining. I really do love these relaxing moments in life. Why can't every day be like this huh? Let's just hope the rain holds off...

I'm not feeling that great today so I attempted to cheer myself up by buying some new shampoo and conditioner.  I am aware that this sounds mighty sad, but any new beauty product ALWAYS cheers me up, even something as basic as this.  I love using new shampoo... although I'm super super fussy about smells, I hate them to be too overpowering. You don't want to smell like your shampoo, you want to smell like your perfume.  Once I find a shampoo and conditioner set I like, I usually stick to it for a while.

Fat Hair is designed to volumise and  has had some top reviews so I thought hey ho ill give it a wurl. My hair is quite thin and limp naturally so let's see if this makes the difference. I'm using it tonight so I’ll let you know how it goes.

I know this is ridiculous taking pictures of my shampoo in a field.... but beauty blogging + sunshine = happy Hannah

 I got a little carried away... Liza got involved too, she is peeping through the bottles!

Anyhoo... over the last few days I've been testing a couple of hair care products by Charles Worthington. 

Firstly the Volume Body Booster mousse (you may have noticed I'm all about the volume at the moment, I can't for the life of me make the decision about what to do with my hair, so I'm just trying some new products until my minds made up on the length). This smells gorgeous and isn't too sticky like some mousse can be.

I began with wet hair, combed it through, tipped all my hair forward and brushed it all forward. Then I worked the mousse in starting with the routes, and brushed it through evenly. As soon as it had been blow dried, I noticed the difference; my hair looked and felt bigger, bouncier. Perhaps I used a little too much on my first application, but it certainly does what it says on the tin. You only need a small palm sized blob depending on how much hair you have, mines quite long so any of you with shorter locks wouldn't need as much! I purchased the smallest  ‘take-away’ tin at £1.99 just to see if I liked it. The bigger tins are around £7 I think, but if you go to Boots Charles Worthington is usually on some kind of offer. Deffo recommend it, I really got on well with it and thought it was great stuff :)

Next up Charles Worthington Takeaways Protect Heat Defence spray. Now, normally I’ll admit I am a Lee Stafford girl, but it was on offer, so I kind of had to, right?!
And the verdict was I love it! I actually prefer it to my usual brand so ill be switching over from now on. It smells nicer, and it also leaves my hair feeling much more moisturised instead of dry and straw like. I didn't feel like it weighed my hair down either, which is not what you want when styling your do! Sometimes I’m a little bit naughty and I skip the heat protection part of styling, but this smells sooo scrummy I actually look forward to putting it on.

Go on beauties... Give your hair a treat, that's what goldilocks would do!

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