Friday, 20 May 2011

Miss-matching nails, Clip-in Winges and Tools of the Trade...

Hey beauties, hope your all fine and dandy :)

So sorry for the lack of posts this last week or so. I've been working ridiculous hours in the sweat shop and organising boring grown up things like bills, shopping for furniture, and finding someone to rent my spare room. 
Another reason why I haven't written, lack of dollar to buy new products! 
I've come to the conclusion that there are lots of things about being a grown up that are silly, stressful and just generally suck. Bills are a big part of that.

Anyway, amongst my week of maniacally trying to sort these things out, I've managed to have a couple of nights out drinking, discovered a cool humus bar, and had a couple of nice cosy dvd nights in. My neighbour's children have become totally obsessed with my pooch, Liza. It's the cutest thing. 

Isla and Liza Xx

I've also started project garden... project obviously meaning it's a work in progress.... can't wait to have loads of flowers, a veggie patch and a nice set of table and chairs. It'll be perfect for summer.

I'm going for the 'country cottage' look

Down to beauty. My latest obsession is mis-matching nails. I saw it in a magazine and LOVE it. Fab for when I can't decide which colour to go for. 
Today I went for fruity coral and lemon colours... (Orange Bliss by Rimmel, and Sherbet Lemon by 17)

Also loving red (Pillar box by no. 7) and brown (Mushroom by Barry M)  together :)

Try it out beauties, don't be colour shy!

This week I discovered a new non-committal way to sport a fringe this summer. A winge. Yes, it's true, a cross between a wig and a fringe, that simply clips in! £30 from Hersheson's, it's the perfect way to welcome back the fringe minus the commitment of constant trimming and that awkward growing out stage. The perfect relationship. 

Anyhooozle....Here is my essential beauty tool kit for you beauties who don't know your nail clippers from your cuticle nippers! You'll be an expert before you know it!

1. Tweezers- keep those brows in check and remember only pluck from below the brow.

2. Eyelash curlers- if curling mascaras don't work for you, invest in these babies! Curl near the root for a few seconds. Make sure you count so each side is done evenly.

3. lip brush- if you're a big lipstick fan like moi, a lip-brush is essential to give your lips more definition and get a really precise line. 

4. Eye-brow brush- the perfect way to smooth those brows into shape.

5. Wide tooth comb- when your hair is wet, always use a wide-tooth comb instead of a normal brush (this will cause breakage).

6. Paddle brush- this will glide through long hair without causing too much breakage.

7. Velcro hair rollers- a cheap treat and the easiest way to get smexy volume. Wind them into dry hair, all the way to the root, and leave to set whilst you apply your make-up. Blast your hair-dryer all over, remove the rollers and then comb through with your fingers :) 

Sorry for the squeezage of a lot of babble into one post beauties, figured I had a few days to catch up on!
Tata for now. Xx

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  1. Love that u used a pic of Zoe in this post. My two favorite bloggers & Youtubers in 1 post!