Sunday, 8 May 2011

Draw the line...

Happy Sunday beauties! 
This is a post for any of you gorgeous girls who hit the town last night and had eye-liner troubles... 
If you're anything like me you'll find your eye-liner just simply refusing to cooperate and stay put on a night out.
I simply cannot find an eye-liner that doesn't make my eyes water, it seems to be an ongoing quest for me. Maybe I'm just not meant to have defined eyes... or maybe it’s because I don't wear it very often, I just never seem to get on with any brand.
Anyway, I've found a neat little trick to stop it from smudging before a big night, just thought I'd share it with you beauties.
Before you apply your eye-liner, rub a tiny blob of Vaseline by the outer corners of your eyes and a little under your lashes. This will stop any smudging and weeping. Leave it there until the last minute before you go out then simply wipe it off with a tissue and touch up your make up. 
No more weapy eye... Yay! 
And voilà! Hope you ladies have a lovely rest of the weekend...
I’m dog-sitting the crazy one today... muddy dog walks here I come!!
Old lady Liza and  my hairy nephew Elvis

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