Sunday, 20 March 2011

Your Weekday Tips and Tricks...

Hey beauties, just a couple more tips I thought you might like...

1. Got dark eye-bags? Your concealer should always be a shade or two lighter than your foundation, works like a charm. 

2. Highlighter is your secret weapon, great for going from office to play. It really picks you up after a long day and brightens up tired looking skin. 
The trick is to know where to apply. Don't just highlight your cheekbones and nose, go for the inner corners of your eyes, the centre of your lip clef and your temples too! 
Good highlighters to test out are Benefit High Beam, or Chanel Eclat Lumiere. 

3.  Want your skin tanned and prepped for that first glimpse of the sun?! When you fake tan, make sure you exfoliate daily so your tan fades evenly, this way you avoid any blotchy patches. 

4. As a general rule, you should only exfoliate your face once or twice a week. 


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