Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Week 33 Pregnancy Update and Youtube

How far along? 
The end of week 33, not long now until I have a full term baby! 

Total weight gain? 
2 stone last time I was weighed.

Maternity clothes? 
Nothing this week, although I am getting ready fed up of my outfit choices, maternity jeans on rotation constantly isn't much fun!
I'm also looking for something nice to wear for Christmas day, that I can somehow get away with wearing afterwards too. 
I did get a gym ball though, so I've had a few bouncing sessions on that, it's so comfy! 

Stretch marks? 
None yet. I'm still using my Elemis oil, and LOVE it. Definitely my personal favourite out of all the oils I've tried so far. It's about to run out and I have another on the way.

Sleep is still really difficult as I just get so uncomfortable and feel pretty heavy. I'm getting up even more times a night now to go to the bathroom, waaaa.

Best moment this week?
Not baby related, but passing my driving theory test, I was so nervous that I would fail, even after tons of revision. It's going to be a very close call as to weather I can pass my driving test before little Jeffy comes along though...
I re-joined the gym too, I've only been twice but am feeling much better for it. 

Worst moment this week?
Again, not a worst moment as such, but I literally HATE supermarket shopping right now. Bumpy really gets in the way and I feel like I'm saying 'excuse me' every two bloody seconds! Also, I can't squat low enough to get to the bottom shelf.... kinda embarrassing!

Miss anything? 
Still missing my apatite, poached eggs, and gin. I know I shouldn't say it, but I'm really missing my old flat tummy now!

He's calmed down a little bit, but still some big movements going on. He also tends to get the hiccups at least a couple of times a day now too, rather violently I must say!

Food cravings? 
Still chai tea lattes. Do I even need to mention chocolate?! I think it's just a given now...

Anything making you feel sick or queezy? 

A boy.

Feeling full all the time.

Period pains. I'm getting these kind of regularly now, I'd say about every other night.

Tiredness, it gets to about 5.00pm in my working day, and honestly I'm ready to settle down and go to bed!

Belly button in or out?

Happy or moody?
Generally really happy.

Looking forward to?
Going on maternity leave! I've decided to go a little earlier than I originally planned, and I'm feeling like I need it no. Only 2 weeks left... scary.
I've planned lots of things to do like yoga, the gym, swimming and some hypnobirth classes (more on that in another post). Oh, and of course there will be Christmas to organize for too, so I'm sure i can keep myself occupied while I wait.


  1. You look so radiant and lovely :) Not long to go now! xx

    Imogen - A Rendezvous with You

  2. Hannah your videos are so effortless to watch, I really enjoy them (bizarre as I have no interest in babies - well no yet anyway) Haha. xx

  3. Such a lovely post, I really enjoyed watching the video!


  4. eeeek not long to go how exiting x

  5. Hypnobirthing is amazing, hope you find it as useful as I did. I wrote a post on it over at my blog. x

  6. Ooh I really wished I'd tried Hypnobirthing, I didn't know where to find one near me though! I also had a pregnancy yoga DVD but I lost it for most of the time I was pregnant, so useful... I hope you manage to pass your practical test in time, it will be so useful! xx

    Curls & Swirls Beauty Blog

  7. You are such a radiant pregnant person! Do you recommend any particular prenatal vitamin? My husband and I are planning on growing our family soon and I came across Trio Prenatal, which has nutrients specific to trimester? Have you heard of this? Do you think that would be helpful?

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