Sunday, 17 November 2013

Week 32 Pregnancy Update

Firstly I must apologize for the state of my strange looking hair in the second part of this weeks update, I'd just woken up from a nap and was so exhausted I literally didn't care about looking in the mirror before filming!

How far along? 
The end of week 32, seriously guys, where is the time going?! 

Total weight gain? 
2 stone.

Maternity clothes? 
It doesn't really count, but I bought a support bump band, to help lighten the load and hopefully ease my backache!! 
Also going over bumps on the Vespa (yes I'm still managing to cling on to my Vespa rides with Stefan) is getting more uncomfortable so I'm hoping it helps with this.

Stretch marks? 
None yet. I'm still using my Elemis oil. 

Sleep is still really difficult as I just get so uncomfortable and feel pretty heavy. I'm getting up even more times a night now to go to the bathroom, waaaa.

Best moment this week?
Our last scan, we found out the little one already has hair :) I'm very happy about this indeed!

Playing the torch game with jeffy, I think the light must have freaked him out though because everytime we shined it on my belly he went really still. 

Worst moment this week?
This sounds ridiculous but I had a bit of a hormonal 10 minutes where I cried because my feet have gone all puffy and fat...

Miss anything? 
Strangely I'm missing having my apatite. 

Movement is still pretty crazy but has calmed down a little bit, I think he's having a growth spurt.

Food cravings? 
Chai tea lattes. naughty because it has caffeine but I've been having a big glass of water afterwards.

Anything making you feel sick or queezy? 

A boy.

I have a ton...
very frequent bathroom trips, 
leg cramps, mostly at night.
Feeling full all the time, I'm never really hungry and I just eat when I know I would normally be hungry.
Shortness of breath when walking 
Period pains
Ligament stretching pains 
Leaking breasts. 
Back ache is back now :(

Belly button in or out?
Both depending on Jeffy's position.

Happy or moody?
Generally really happy.

Looking forward to?
Going on maternity leave! I'm feeling like I need it!


  1. Ahhh, Hannah! I get so excited reading your pregnancy updates and I really can’t wait for your little one to arrive now! Reading all your symptoms makes me kinda miss being pregnant but i’m glad that i’m not at the same time although sleep doesn’t get any better and rather than getting up to go to the toilet, you’re getting up to settle a baby haha! You’re looking so fabulous too! I used to get periody pains and found that a hot water bottle (not too hot) and some paracetamol helped eased it :)


  2. You look so gorgeous in this video, even with your funny hair, it's cute. it's amazing that the scan can see hair! I can't wait to see a post and pictures after he's born! Exciting. Hope your back ache eases off a bit you! xx

  3. love your updates Hannah! I always look forward to watching them :) you always look so fab, I hope I look that good when I haver children! I'm going to take a little guess at the name and guess George :) hope the pain eases for you soon xx

  4. Every time you post an update I get excited - I love reading about your progress and you're doing SO well! Can't wait to meet the little chap. What a yummy mummy you'll be!


  5. I really wanted to get a maternity support band but never got round to it for some reason. You shouldn't feel pressured into a certain way of feeding, you should pick whatever you think will work for you and Jeffy the best, whichever it may be :-) There is a lot of pressure to BF and personally, although I did try at first it wasn't working for us. And I will guess at George or Grayson ;-) xx

    Curls & Swirls Beauty Blog

  6. Hi hannah , not long to go for you now!
    Just wanted to stop by and say hello, I have been reading your blog for a while but for some reason it wont let me comment on my iphone.
    I have been a bit undecided on whether to do antenatal classes.. a lot of people have been telling me there a waste of time but I'm petrified about the birth so after watching your video might be a good idea for me to go just so i can feel a bit more prepared!
    I've just jumped on the blogging bandwagon myself after discovering the pregnant blogging community haha! xx

  7. Hi Hannah. Love your blog. I'm a little behind you at 27 weeks. Can I please ask which belly/bump support you ordered? Many thanks.

  8. Hi Hannah, I absolutely adore your updates and videos. You literally are the most beautiful pregnant person i've ever seen :) I would guess George or Geoffrey xx

  9. Wow, ! congratulations!
    i follow you now on bloglovin,
    follow me back?

  10. Awhh you look gorgeous Hannah! And you've made me hugely broody. Huge-ly.

    I'm going to guess Gabriel, as that is my youngest brother's name and a good G!
    Have a lovely week,