Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Week 14 Pregnancy Update

How far along? 
14 weeks, 6 days, I can't believe it's the end of week 14 already!

Total weight gain? 
I'm rubbish at this, I still don't know! My midwife really upset me last time I saw her so I didn't bother asking her and I don't ever weigh myself.
This weeks measurements are:
Bump at widest part 29 inches
Hips 31 inches
Waist 27 inches

So, I've lost an inch on the bump (probably morning sickness or being less bloated), and gained an inch on my waist, hips have stayed the same. 

Maternity clothes? 
Not yet, luckily it's summery over in London at the moment, so I've ditched the jean shopping and I'm sticking to anything light and floaty.
The bump doesn't really feel like it's getting bigger yet to me so I'm holding off for a while.

Stretch marks? 
Nothing yet. I've been using the Mum & Me Bump butter, which I really like. It's actually the only one I like the smell of so far.
I've been sent the Mama Mio Tummy rub oil and some goodies from the NSPA to try, so I'll be reviewing them when I've used them for a while  for anyone who is interested.

Sleep has been a million times better this week, I'd even go as far as saying I've been a bloody good sleeper!

Best moment this week? 
My Mother-in-law came to visit and has knitted baby Michalak some rather cute little bits.

Miss anything?
I really, really really miss being able to go on a little bar crawl with my hubby, or just have a couple of bottles of wine together on a picnic :( I miss being drunkards together!
I also really miss my normal apatite.

The same little flutterings I mensioned in my last video.

Food cravings?
Rice Crispies, I'm addicted. I can't get enough of the things. I think this baby is going to come out looking like a box of rice crispies!
Lot's of sweet things, chocolate. oh and still chips.

Anything making you feel queezy or sick?
The smell of bins, cooked pepper, salmon.

we don't know for 5 more weeks :( I still think it's a boy though. 

Morning sickness is back :( randomly it seems to be on Mondays. This week has been pretty bad as far as morning sickness goes actually. yesterday I was sick in the street on the way to work, and then in the bin at my desk too :( 
Headaches have been better this week.
I've also felt tired again, nowhere near as exhausted as before though!
Emotions have been fairly good until the last couple of days when I've felt really quiet and tearful. 

Belly button in or out?

Happy or moody most of the time?
As I said before, I'm very emotional,  so a little bit of everything. My poor husband doesn't know who he's going to wake up to every day!

Looking forward to? 
I'm literally counting down the weeks until out next scan where we find out the sex!
And I just reallywant a proper bump now, I'm so impatient!

I've just filmed the week 14 video too, so that'll be up for you guys in the next couple of days. 


  1. Eeee I LOVE reading your baby updates, I think it's crazy that people can grow babies haha.


    ASOS is amazing for maternity clothes by the way.

    I also have a giveaway going on my blog under the title graduation giveaway you could win a little pregnancy make up treat xxx

    1. hehe I know, I'm stillg etting my head around that face too!
      Thank you for the tip, I'll try asos :)

  2. I'm loving these updates. I find it so interesting even thigh I've never had a baby nor do I want one. I also like your videos too :)


  3. Aw I hope your midwife is nice to you next time, don't let her get away with being upsetting you. Glad your sleeping is better now and hope the morning sickness passes soon!!


  4. I've casually decided that when you have your little baby I'm going to cry. I feel so attached (which is sad, I know!) Just through your vlogs and baby blogs! I think the way you do these is so brilliant and i always look forward to the next one! I hope your sickness etc. gets better. Ugh it's like my worst nightmare. xo

    1. hehe thank you for such a sweet comment :) I'm so glad you're enjoying them, I'm hopefully going to keep them going each week when the little one arrives :) oH GOD i know, you get used to it though!
      Thanks again hun xxx

  5. Look at that teeny bump coming along! It won't be long now, I think mine started to show at about 17 weeks. I had a midwife appointment yesterday with a really insensitive midwife too, what's wrong with these people??

    Bad news about the morning sickness, I hope it doesn't hang around too much longer. It's SO grim!

    rachael @ madeupoflittlethings.com xx

  6. My cravings have been really similar Hannah, sweet things and chips! Naughty stuff basically! Let yourself have what you want I say :-)
    I'm so excited to find out what you are having! I am going to guess Boy!
    I hope the emotions calm down soon for you, i know exactly how it feels and its not nice and don't worry that little bump will be a big bump before you know it and it will start getting in your way!!
    Lucie xx

  7. Lovely updates.. Brings back so many memories. :)
    I too missed getting drunk and pub and beer gardens crawls with my Mr.. Still do! haha.
    Look forward to reading your next one. :)


  8. I'm not even a particularly frequent drinker but I really missed being able to enjoy a glass in the evening with my boyfriend! Was fed up of the sight of J2o's by the end of the 9 months haha xx

    Curls and Swirls Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. oh tell me about it, pubs should have a pregnant friendly drinks list I think, I'm getting sick of orange juice haha x