Thursday, 4 July 2013

Youtube- Come along to our 13 week scan :)

Yesterday we went for our 13 week baby scan. I can't believe the first 3 months are over already, it didn't seem like it was going fast at the time because  felt so ill, but looking back it flew by. 
I wonder if the rest of my pregnancy will go by so quickly?
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the vlog!
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  1. I loved this so much :) So happy for you both.
    Really loving your updates xxx

  2. Hannah I can't even tell you how happy I am for you and your hubbie! You are the most wonderful, beautiful person and I bet you and Stefan will be the best parents ever. I got a really happy tingly butterfly rush (sorry if that sounds really creepy!! Haha) when I saw your were pregnant. I am enjoying your pregnancy videos SO much! :) It's lovely to see a lovely person like you set out on this journey.
    Congratulations and I'm sure your mum would be/is very very proud.

    1. Hey there Anon,
      thank you SO much for such a sweet comment, you truly made my day and even brought a little tear to my eye. Xx

  3. haha i love the sneaky camera work!! :) hope you'll be able to find out the sex soon - have you given any thought to names??

    1. We have a girls name sorted, but no boys name yet, I'm so picky!! I think we'll wait until we find out the sex, instead of stressing about it when we might not need to :) xx

  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I was just wondering where you are based, as the anomaly scan is usually performed at 18-21 weeks (at least on the NHS it is!) Was this a private healthcare thing? Sounds excellent, I wish I hadn't had to wait until 19 weeks to get an idea that everything seemed to be developing well xx