Friday, 21 June 2013

YSL Touché Éclat

You may have seen this post already over on the lovely Kayleighs' blog yesterday. Just incase any of you who missed it, I thought I'd share it with you over here too :)

I know SO many people have blogged about this product and it's pretty old news, but I've rekindled my love for it this summer, and it's definitely a staple in my make up bag now.

I've had a very exhausting few weeks for one reason or another, late meetings at work, early flights, jet lag, early mornings getting up for the gym. You girls know how it is, right? Touche Eclat by YSL has totally saved my life. Or should I say, it's saved my face?!

If I had to pick a May and June 'favourite' this little beauty would be it! It is described as a 'complexion highlighter', and I would say that's pretty accurate. It really illuminates the areas it is applied to.

Now, I've mainly been using this under my eyes, after I’ve applied my foundation. I find it really makes me look fresh and awake, like I've had a really good nights sleep. Sometimes I'll use it as a highlighter too and just pop a little down the centre of my nose or on my cheekbones.

I've been reaching for this when all else has failed and I just need to make that last desperate attempt to make myself look awake. It manages to do this job every time, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone feeling run down, ill or if you just need a little brightening up. It helps give my face that glowy look.

I love the applicator; it has a little brush on it so no need to use your own brush. To load the product on the brush you simply click the end, (kind of like a biro pen). The formula is so light and creamy, it sinks into skin quickly. As far as longevity goes, I've always been really impressed with this.

And, as with all YSL products, I can't fault the packaging at all. It's beautiful, gold, sleek and classic. It makes you feel a little bit fancy whipping this out of your handbag. What’s not to love?

I love the Touche Eclat so much I'm thinking of getting my mitts on the Touche Eclat foundation too, I've heard good things about it.

Have you ever used Touche Eclat before? What are your little life saving products?

Thanks for reading girls :)


  1. I love this it is an everyday staple for me :)

    Love your blog and videos! Please make more videos soon :)

    Amy x

  2. I've always heard such great things about this product but haven't tried it myself. It always sounds amazing though!
    emmerliejay x

  3. I adore the Touche Eclat and I recently got the foundation, I can't recommend it enough! You need it!:D xx

  4. This is beautiful! I love that it has some brightening qualities, do you find it works well as a concealer also?

  5. great review :D great to read that you liked the product :)

  6. I have been lemming for this for a loooong time. I think this review has finally sold this cult product to me!! Thanks Hannz!!

  7. I've never actually owned this but have always purchased the cheaper alternatives. I actually really like the Rimmel 2 in 1 concealer/highlighter. Its kind of a similar concept but offers slightly higher coverage meaning it helps to erase as well as brighten my under eye area. Its super affordable too so its definitely an every day staple in my make up bag :)

    A beauty, food and life blog by Izzi

  8. you NEED to try out the foundation of this, it is so heavenly! i love the eclat as a night illuminating product, sadly my dark circles are too much for this beauty! there's something so luxorious about the ysl gold packaging :)

  9. I like this but prefer Clinique airbrush as it is more yellow-toned and flattering. I've heard very good things about the foundation though :)

  10. LOve love ysl touche eclat but it is just soo expensive, mine is coming to the end before pay day :(

    Danielle x

  11. I really need to learn how to use this product correctly! X

  12. This looks so good!
    On my wish list definitely


  13. I laaaaaahv this! I have a Stilla Illuminating concealer giving it a run for it's money which I managed to bag in TK Maxx... I've not found it anywhere else though so I'm terrified I'm falling in love with product that has been discontinued! A love which was never to be... Sob.

    Charlotte - xx

  14. I love this too! Im not that keen on shimmery highlighters on my cheek bones but this works perfectly x

  15. I used Benefit high beam as I think its amazing! Also used The YSL, but it isnt my lifesaver, no.