Saturday, 16 March 2013

Clarins Liquid Bronze

Every now and again, I like to delve into the world of fake tan. As you know, usually I am pretty faithful to St Tropez, but I have been a little fickle lately.

I suppose in the colder winter months, most of our beauty routines change somewhat. I don't usually change my tan at all, I love to have a bit of colour on my skin, but I thought I'd try out a more subtle winter kind of tan. 
Clarins Liquid Bronze seemed like a good choice, it's a nice high end brand, known for their good skincare products. Apparently it's an award winning product...

Unfortunately I tried it for a few days and just really could not get on with it at all. 
I applied it with a cotton pad just before bed each night, and although it was very moisturising which is a nice positive, I just wasn't wowed by it at all. 
One of the good things about it, is that it doesn't have that horrible fake tan smell. I wouldn't go as far as saying it smells particularly nice, it just doesn't really smell of much.

After the first use, I couldn't really see much difference in my skin colour at all. After the next few nights, I developed a subtle, yellow toned kind of colour, not really very nice at all. I also found that it stuck to the dry parts of my skin and became patchy. It didn't last for very long either, it's worth mentioning that it comes out very watery, and it's white so you can't be sure of which areas you have covered. Not great. 

I suppose it could be good if you nice if you are naturally very pale and just looking for an extremely subtle tint, but for me, this product has a huge thumbs down. I definitely won't be buying it, and I wouldn't recommend it, not for £18. Can't win them all, huh? I'll be crawling back to my good old St Tropez with my tail between my legs now! 

What are you guys up to this weekend? For me, today involves yoga, and then later on, I have very kindly been invited to sample the Easter tea menu at the Gallery Mess restaurant in Chelsea. I do love a nice high tea, I swear sometimes I'm an 80 year old trapped inside a 20 somethings' body!!


  1. I´ve tried that one and I got the same yellowy tone instead of a sun-kissed glow. I might try Chanel´s Soleil Identite next, need a tester first though.

  2. Do you use the St tropez for body on your face?

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  4. Ahh what a shame you didnt get on with this. I've never tried it but have been recommended it a few times. I usually stick to the St Tropez too - love their gradual face tan! xx

  5. No wonder your skin always looks so lovely!!

    I would LOVE IT if you guys would check my blog out? :D xx

  6. aw that sucks! I tried a different product in their tanning range and I loved it!
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  7. I know this is un-related to this post, but I love your banner and your nails! :)


  8. I've never used fake tan before, but I can imagine how nerve wracking it can be trying out new shades. If it goes wrong, you could be stuck with it for awhile. :/ Sorry you spent that money only to have it not work out for you! That's always such a disappointment. I like your nails by the way. You can never go wrong with a good nude shade.

  9. People rave about this and the tanning face primer thing but I never see a massive result when they pop a before and after photo up! I'm always faithful to St Tropez you can never go wrong and it gives you a decent amount of colour for what you pay even though it smells biscuity x