Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Sorry for the squinty eyes!
Oh haaaii ladies.
I've noticed a nice little handful of new readers, so hellooo gals and thank you :)
Last week I literally had the clumsiest week. I mean EVER. I won't bore you with the whole list of happenings, but  I managed to fall up the escalator on the tube. My whole handbag spilt everywhere and I bruised my hand and leg. Those metal stairs are lethal I tell you, lethal! I had such a little tomato face and was trying so hard not to cry. What a baby. After I'd scrabbled all my things together I basically ran into my office.

Friday morning I must of somehow got a big blob of eyelash glue on he back of my phone without realizing. When I went to go and pick it up, it was stuck to the windowsill. Wonderful. When I got to work I realized I had my tights on inside out too... honestly though, the list is never ending this week, what's wrong with me?!

Enough of that, onto my lashes. Ooooh I'm loving the falsies at the moment aren't I? These are the 'Soho' Lashes from Millie Mackintoshes range for Noveau.
I would probably class these as more of a 'night-time' looking lash, but I just can't resist wearing them to the office now, I feel so naked without lashes now, I think I'm developing a problem.
The Mayfair lashes are still my favourite so far (I've reviewed these in full if you want to know the technical details about the lashes), but what I like about these is that they are quite a lot thicker and much fuller. They're really noticeable but still fairly natural looking. I don't want to repeat too much of my last review, but these are so easy to apply and the adhesive is pretty darn good. I just thought I'd show you how they looked on!  

Are any of you going to the Eyelure and Elegant Touch event this Thursday at W? The lovely Laura from Belles Boutique managed to get me an invite (what a lil' sweety she is), but she can't make it anymore and I'm really nervous about going on my lonesome.
I know they'll be lots of bloggers there, but I'm pretty shy and awkward, I've never been to one of these things before and I'm not gonna lie, I'm slightly terrified. I know it's ridiculous cos' everyone I've spoken to from the blogging world have been lovely, but please do let me know if you're going, I'd like a buddy!


  1. ohh these are the ones I got but not tried them on yet, love them xxx

  2. Hi Hannah,

    I'm going to the event on Thursday. At the moment, think I'll be heading there alone, so we can meet up if you want.


  3. yay caught this go live real time! those lashes look absolutely gorgeous!! and have fun at the event.. i wish i could go too but i'm miles and miles away here in hong kong ;)

    by the way i tagged you in this new "think pink" tag that i'm starting... it's my little contribution to the breast cancer awareness month this October. do check it out and have fun with it! :)


    rachel x

  4. The lashes are so so pretty! Especially on you, still haven't managed to get myself a pair..And you really made me laugh with the first part of this post, sounds so familiar being all clumsy haha. Have fun at the event lovely :) xxx

  5. These look stunning on you, I think they'd be too cat-like for my eyes!


  6. your eyes are such an amazing colour... wow! :)

  7. Ooh these lashes look so nice! Gonna have to pick a pair up! Just discovered your blog and love it!! Xx

  8. these are so pretty ! definitely suit your eyes ! xx

  9. My goodness! What a week! lol. I hope this week is treating you better!
    These lashes look lovely!!

  10. Those lashes look really good on you!!



  11. I really want to get my hands on some Millie lashes, these look lovely on you :) Hope you find someone to go the event with. If I was in London and going, I'd go with you! xxx

  12. Your eye colours amazing! :) Thanks for the tips! I'm following you on twitter and blogger now.

    J xx


  13. They look lovely Hannah! I've had my eye on these and Mayfair for a while now, might have to give them a try. X

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