Thursday, 23 August 2012

Wherever you go, there will be love.

Hello darlings, my day so far has mostly involved caffine, reading all your darling blog posts, a sneaky nap that snuck up on me, and of course these gorgeous little polka-dot nails.
I'm not sure if I'll be posting for the next couple of days, I'm packing up to move in with the mister tomorrow. Then we might try and get out of the city this weekend, perhaps in the countryside at Goldaming or maybe France (a 30 minute drive away, why not?!).

Anyway, nails. Polka-dot nails, an oldy but good, yes ladies? You don't need any fancy-smanshy nail art pens or transfers to re-create this look, no siree!! Just grab your 2 favorite varnishes, a top coat, and off you go...
1. Apply 2 coats of your base colour, wait to dry completely. (I used 'Milkshake' by Topshop)
2. Take your 2nd colour and use the very tip of the brush to create little round dots. Don't overload the brush with varnish, it's easier if you don't have much to work with. (I used Nail Tip Whitener by Rimmel)
3. Wait for all the dots to dry completely.
4. Apply a clear top coat to avoid chips. (I used Forever Strong Pro by Maybelline). TADA!!


  1. These look so pretty, and match your background too :) xx

  2. These are SUCH cute shades!
    I'm gonna treat myself to these exact shades and try it myself! :)

  3. Hey Lovely
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    These nails are amazing, they look so pretty!


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  4. Love this! Such a simply yet beautiful effect xo

  5. oooh these are sooo pretty! I definitely wanna do my nails like this now x

  6. This is so cute - wish I had the patience to do stuff like this! x

  7. There's something so darling about polka dot nails!

    How do you feel about the Maybelline top coat? I've got a minor obsession with top coats, so I'd be interested in hearing how well it works.


    I'm beyond jealous that you can just drive to France.

    1. oh i know, one of my fav looks :)
      erm, too be honest i'm not the biggest fan, it didnt really help much! it was one of those random purchases though.
      Agood topcoat reccomendation would be fab! xxx

  8. So pretty, I love this shade of pink :) xx

  9. love love love this nail tutorial! so pretty :)
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

  10. These are so cute! I love the colours too! xx

  11. I love them!!!! Will def try that :).

    Am following your wonderful blog, would love if you could check mine out

    A x

  12. These look soooo professional! When I tried to do polka-dot nails, it was such a fail haha!:)

  13. These nails put mine to shame! I really should try to be more creative. Great design x

  14. These are gorgeous, might give it a go! :) x

  15. love this colour combination, it looks so perfectly done

    your blog is so lovely too! definitely following :)

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  16. These look amazing! Very pretty... Well done you, my spots are normally always wonky!! Really enjoying your blog, thanks for sending me the link. PrettyMeBlog -