Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Photo Diary #2 It's what we needed yeah, to have a good time

Hey lovelies, I hope you all had smashing weekends? I thought I'd post my photo diary today, I was going to do a MAC review, but alas, my face and hair just refuse to co-operate today. I'm having one of those days where the last thing I want to do is photograph myself!
Anyway, what a gorgeous sunny weekend it was in the city of London, it was absolutely sweltering. Fewf! 
On Friday night, the mister and I cracked open a bottle of wine on our balcony, with every intention of going out after a couple. A couple of ahem, bottles later, we were still nattering away, and I'd managed to persuade him to let me colour in the outline of his tattoo with some felt tips. Yes I am a giant 5 year old. I think it looks pretty cool though, yes? Yes.
On Saturday after the usual weekend breakfast drowned in maple syrup, we scooted off on the Vespa to a jazz festival in the city with a couple of buddies. We detoured past the supermarket, and I spotted this super cute MINI-EGG TREE. I know, a frickin' mini egg tree. Pure genius.
The festival was packed out but totally chilled and relaxing, just lying on the grass with the awesome view of these high rise buildings in the sunshine. This city is so beautiful in the sun, I feel so lucky to be able to live and explore here. We were so chilled afterwards we ended up just lying in the hammock at home looking at the stars, it was a gorgeous evening.
On Sunday I filmed my 2nd ever beauty vlog, minus the alcoholic bevvy, eeek. I'm so painfully awkward on camera, but I'm hoping after a few it'll get easier. I am really enjoying them, so I think they'll be more regular once I get over my fear of being on film. I mentioned this in my video, but just want to say it again, thank you so much to everyone who watched the first one and send me lovely tweets and comments, it does help with my confidence and I really appreciate it like you wouldn't believe.
After the vlogging malarkey, we went to Clapham old town for a delicious spot of dinner, how yummy does this salmon broccoli and bean salad look? Did you get up to anything fun?


  1. I want that mini egg tree!
    Love your hair xx

    1. You literally just took the words out of my mouth! I want that tree too!! If only I could get my hands on one, plant one of the mini eggs and then grow a whole forest full of mini egg trees... I would be a happy, yet slightly chubbier, bunny


  2. sweet! new follower here! hope you can drop by my blog and follow if you like too. :)

    Chamee of http://misslitratista.blogspot.com

  3. That mini egg tree is amazing!! What a brilliant idea haha. I've just come across your blog today and reckon I'll be stopping by again. I love your messy bun vid as well - totally with you on the doughnut love!

    Kirsty x


  4. Your weekend sounds lovely, fun and relaxing in equal measures! How did I now know about mini egg trees!!! Just found your blog and really enjoying it :) xxx

  5. love the mini egg tree, too cute. your style is so cool :) thanks for sending me your blog link on twitter, i'm enjoying reading through it. Sophie xxx


  6. im enjoying everyone's love for the mini egg tree :) xx