Friday, 1 June 2012

What heaven smells like

Yesterday I paid off a big chunk of my overdraft. 
Eugh, it was PAINFUL. Oh so very painful.
After this hideousness, I thought to myself 'heck, I deserve a little treat for being a good grown up'.
So, off I trotted to MAC, armed with the boyfriends discount card (woop).
I purchased this Mac Turquatic Perfume . I've tried the testers a few times recently and fallen in love.

Oh...MAC Turquatic, where have you been all my life?? I'm pretty sure this is what heaven smells like.

Turquatic is such a clean fresh scent, a perfect blend for summer. For me, less is more with fragrances. I like light and refreshing. Subtle, but always noticeable. Turquatic ticks all these boxes, I absolutely love it. It's actually a unisex fragrance, but I think it most definitely leans towards the ladies.  

But, like all the great things in life, this one ends just a little too soon. I found it wore off after a few hours, unlike some of the more expensive perfumes. The only other thing I feel I should mention, is that it is actually only the middle part of the bottle which contains perfume (the bottle is a little deceiving), so don't be surprised if it runs out a little quicker than you think.
Other than that I can't fault it. Great for everyday use, it's such a lovely daytime scent, but please don't expect it to last all day.

People have generally been quite shocked to find that Turquatic is very affordable. This perfume is £20 for 20mls or £36 for 50mls.
I bought the 20mls, a perfect size if you want to throw it in your handbag, not to heavy or clumpy. 
A very classy affair that will have everyone asking what you're wearing!


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  1. This is my favourite scent EVER. I bought the rollerball recently, NOM.

    The Style Rawr!