Monday, 18 June 2012

Infared- Topshop Lipstick

Let’s be real, Mondays are hard huh? Sometimes you just need to re-group and put on bright orange lipstick.
So, shall we talk about lipsticks?!
I am a huge sucker for lipsticks and I really can’t rave about this one enough.

‘Infared’ £8 by Topshop. A gorgeous bright orangey-red shade.
The pigmentation in this lipstick is incredible and really buildable too. You can wear it as a lighter coral colour or add a couple of layers to become a bright orange. The staying power is really impressive too.

It's a velvet formula, which means it is super moisturising, and doesn’t dry or chap your lips at all.
It's very unusual for me to find a lipstick which doesn’t dry out my lips, I've only ever found one other (Estee Lauder Crystal Pink ). I do apply Carmex lip balm before and after lipstick application, but with this one, I wouldn't say it was totally necessary.
The quality is comparable to MAC (whose lipsticks are now a whopping £13.50 each). Actually, I’d even go as far as saying I prefer this formula to MAC lipsticks, although the shade selection isn't as varied.

Infared has injected a bit of excitement back into my make-up bag, without breaking the bank. I’ll certainly be adding to my Topshop Lipstick collection, for only £8 you can't really go wrong.

Have you tried any of Toyshops’ Lipstick range?

Anyway, I hope you all had an awesome weekend?
I was a very lucky lady, I spent the whole weekend with my mister. We went to LOVEBOX on Saturday, and then sat in Hyde Park in the sunshine with a bottle of wine on Sunday, bliss.


  1. gorgeous colour! it looks more on the coral side too. the only thing ive tried from top shop is their blush but i love it! next time im going to try their lipsticks. the colour is gorgeous! have you ever tried siren by revlon? its an orange lipstick as well :)

  2. oooo i really want to try the cream blushes, apparently they're supposed to be amazing! no i havent tried it, ive never used revlon lipsticks at all actually, are they good?? x

  3. Ahh it's so gorgeous! I need it haha! x