Thursday, 21 June 2012

Erm, guess who's going to the Bahamas?!

Yes, I am a VERY lucky lady.
In 8 days time I will be jetting off to the sunny Bahamas with my mister. I can't quite believe it!
I am currently in complete holiday-panic mode, we only booked a couple of days ago... I'm up to my eyeballs in lists of things to buy, outfits to plan and toiletries to pack.
Plus we are heading out to Ireland tomorrow for a few days, so it seems like there is no time to organize anything, gah!

Anyhoo, later on you will find me over on Katherines' blog KathyKins Style Diary, where I'll be reviewing St Tropez Perfect Legs Spray Tan. I thought this was very holiday-prep appropriate. Katherine will also be guest posting a cute little style piece here on A Little Beauty Spot, yay!


  1. Ahhh wow have fun!!! I'm so jealous!! Loving the new blog look too :) xx

  2. thanks lovie, still not how i want it :( but getting there i suppose. yours is looking beaut!xx

  3. hehe, it doesn't even feel real yet!! i wont want to come home! xx