Thursday, 22 September 2011

Holy Grail Fake Tan?

Tan Solutions Review Part 2

Hello there beauties,

here comes part 2 of my review (finally).  If you still haven't read part 1 yet, click here.

I love fake tan. Always have always will (shallow, huh?!). But, even I'll admit it takes a while to find one that's so amazing you simply can't live without. I have tried & tested various different fake tans over the years, but at the moment this particular brand comes a very close 2nd to my bestest (StTropez). Oh Em Geeeee I can't believe I said that.

Tan Solutions- self tan foam in fair to medium...

Self Tan Foam: Fair - Medium 150ml

Sorry, photos snapped last night in the dark bathroom with the iphone, not the best quality! I don't think you can see the colour properly, woops.

I love mousse tan, I think it's the easiest and least messy method. Tan Solutions mousse application was super quick and easy. Tan Solutions provided me with a mitt, and although it was a little scratchy, it certainly did a good job. I was pretty much streak free and no orange hands. Wonderful.
The mousse lets you see exactly where you have and haven't applied. It dried quite quickly, actually a little to quickly, you have to even it out kind of fast!

Colour and Lasting
This tan has an olive undertone, and I think it is possibly the most natural looking fake tan I've used. This is actually realisticly the colour I would go if I'd been sunning myself in the Maldives for a weekend, if only! *sighs* 

I did find that after about 4 days I became patchy... it was bit tougher to keep on top of than my no 1 tan brand. If you are going to try this tan, I would say to top up about twice a week if you want to keep a nice even look, none of us want to look like TOWIE rejects :) 

I would reccommend this if you are looking for a very natural, and quite subtle tan, ladies.
The only downside (if you can call it a downside) is that it isnt available in shops, BUT you can order from their website- at the moment 20% off first order... and free delivery on orders over £20. 
                                    shop here

If I'm completley honest (and of course I am going to be) something still draws me back to St. Tropez. I am a creature of habit, and I am so used to the colour having used it for years. Tan Solutions would be my next choice though. If you are looking for a new holy grail tan, this may just be it.

What fake tan would you recommend? Will you be trying out Tan Solutions?

Tata for now beauties Xx

P.s Tips to get the most out of your tan

1) Everyone says to keep your tan lasting longer you must exfoliate before hand.
2) Moisturise! Before you fake tan apply a layer from head to toe paying particular attention to elbows and knees. Let it sink in before applying the your tan. This will mean that the product doesn't stick to drier patches and you will be an even colour.
3) Apply fake tan the day before- The colour always looks much better after a shower.
4) Be patient and don't put your clothes on before it is fully dry.
5)  Exfoliate skin, moisturise and re-apply to keep the tan going.

#I was sent this product to review, curtisy of @TanSolutionsuk however all opinions expressed are my own, honest :)

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