Thursday, 8 September 2011

Tan Solutions review- Part 1

Morning Beauties, how were your evenings?

It gets dark so quickly now doesn't it? I'd say winter is well on it's way. Time to whip out the coat yet?!

I had my foodshop delivered last night and Tescos very kindly decided to send me 3 extra lettuces and 3 extra bags of rocket salad...random huh? I guess this week I'll be eating so much salad it'll be coming out of my ears.

I also got home to a lovely package from the people at  Tan Solutions UK(@tansolutionsuk). Thanks guys :)

We all know faking it is the best way to go,skin damage and thank you. So as a beauty blogger it is my quest to find the best value, and most realistic!

I used Tan solutions tanning mousse last night for the very first time (I couldn't wait to try as I've heard such good things) and must say so far it's a VERY big thumbs up from me.
Here's a quick summary of what I think so far...

# It smelt wonderful, possibly the least offensive and nicest smelling fake tan I've come across (and I've tried a fair few).
# Application with the mitt was clean, simple and so easy to get even.
# Drys quickly, but not too quickly that you have to rush.
# Lovely natural colour, not orange in the slightest.

I even think this could be a real contender for St Tropez... and that's saying something coming from me!

I want to try it for a little while before I write you guys a proper detailed review, obviously I want it to be accurate and give you my best opinion. At the moment I don't know how long the tan will last, how it will look after a shower etc. But my first impressions are A*. I'll also fill you in on the company when I write the proper review :)
So watch this space.

If you want to try this yourselves, you can order online at You'll get free postage on orders over £20 and 20% off your first purchase too, aren't they generous?!

Tata Xx

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