Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Simply the best

Recently lots of ladies have been mentioning what lovely skin I have. Which is always lovely to hear, but I'd feel abit of a cheat if I didn't tell them my secret. I have to reassure them, 'it's not my skin, my foundation is actually magic in a bottle'.
My skin is pretty average actually, its not great, I struggle with it and I do get quite a few breakouts. The only people who tell me I have good skin are the ones who never see me make-up-less!!

Chanel Vitalumiere foundation is my no 1 beauty hero. If I had to pick 1 product and quit all the others, I would pick this. That's saying a lot coming from me!

Honestly though, this is the best foundation I have ever had the pleasure of using. It has amazing coverage, without looking to heavy. It sets well onto my skin. The shade is perfect, it brightens me up without being orange. It gives me that dewy "I haven't tried hard" look, without looking greasy, which I love. It makes my skin glow and feel fresh. It lasts ALL DAY (I'm talking 12 hours +). It makes me feel radiant. It smells beautiful. The bottle has a pump so its sanitary and presice, and lasts for a couple of months, at least. It also has sun protection spf 15. I could literally go on and on complementing this foundation.
Of course I try others (that's my job to trial and review :) ) but nothing ever seems to come close, and it may sounds sad, but I actually look forward to applying Vitalumiere, its like a daily treat. It transforms me and makes me feel so much better about myself. 

I know £32 (30ml) is a lot for some of you to pay for a foundation, but as you beauties know, I would always push you to invest in your basics. And this it just that, an investment. I've said it before, good skin care is the most important beauty rule. You don't want to be putting just anything on your skin. Chanel is the best of the best, what the stars use.

So next time you are looking for a new simply amazing foundation, give yourself a star treat, this gets 11/10 from me. Quite possibly my favourite product ever.


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