Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Little Weekend Ramble...

Hello there beauties! Have you all had a wonderful weekend?
Mines been AMAZING, London drinks with good pals and tea-party times, dogs and babies galore :)

So, I'm not up to much tonight, (exhaustion from the weekend has kicked in) but I have a really quick tip for you lovies this evening...
If you apply moisturiser on your pulse points before you put your perfume on, it will help absorb it into your skin, and it'll last much longer :) 

So I've decided I'm going to try and mix things up a little more on my blog, I realise I tend to stick to reviewing the same brands all the time, bit boring for you beauties...
But I have got the that stage now where all my cosmetics are running low (don't you find everything tends to run out at the same time, eugh!!) and it's time to go for one painfully expensive but fun-filled topping up trip.
So.... I'm going to try some new things to find you some hot new favs! 
I particularly want to try Liz Earle skin products (I think my skin has got too used to clinque now), Fake'N'Bake and Make Up Forever.

So watch this space beauties, there could be some new BBF's (Best Beauty Finds) just around the corner!

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