Sunday, 10 April 2011

Blue My Mind!

Hey beauties, WOW how gorge is this weather? Long may it last that's all I can say.
Hope you've all been making the most of it, vitamin D makes you happy after all :D

I've had a lazy weekend so far, sun worshipping in my garden, eating ice-cream floats, and a sunny dogwalk...

Just though I would quickly share my new obsession with you beauties. Blue nails.....
Blue nails and spotty dresses <3

I've been searching for the  perfect blue nail varnish shade for a couple of weeks now, and I managed to snaffle my ideal shade right off my sister's dressing table.... mwahahaha

H&M "Blue My Mind" is the best pick of the bunch! 
It's from last years collection, so I'm not sure if they will have it this year in the exact same shade, but I'm sure they will have something similar. 
The best thing is it only costs about £2. Obviously for that price it's not too hard wearing, all I've done is the washing up and had a shower, it's chipped quite a lot already, but we can't expect too much for so little pennies can we?! And hey, I can work with the boho look for the weekend :) 

So beauties, why not update your spring nails?! This gorgeous colour would be perfect for the royal wedding weekend, don't you think?
I've read green is the new "it" nail colour, but I must disagree and say, I'm LOVING LOVING LOVING brilliant bouncy blue nails this weekend.

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