Saturday, 5 February 2011

Life is better with a tan!

Hey beauties!

Got the Winter blues? Fed up of the cold weather? Feeling pasty? 
Never fear, a review of my top 2 fake tans: St Tropez and St Moritz..... fake it all the way beauties!

Its surprising how a little touch of colour on your skin can make you feel better. I have always been a massive fan of the fake bake St Tropez Mousse, but it can be quite a pricey addiction at £20.00 for 120mls. So, a couple of weeks ago I purchased St Moritz Mousse, which is basically a cheaper copy of St Tropez (I bought it on Ebay for about £5 for 200mls, but I think it actually retails at £2.99).

St Moritz has received so much praise from other beauty bloggers and lots of magazines, people saying how amazing and cheap it was, so I decided to check it out for myself. When you apply it to your skin it instantly tans you giving you a really nice tinted olivey look (not orange!), it's VERY similar to the colour of St. Tropez mousse, but in my opinion, not quite as nice. Other bloggers have said that they prefer it to the colour of St Tropez though and found it more natural, so I think this is just a personal preference. 

 It says that its fast drying, which it is, but takes slightly longer than St. Tropez, I also found the texture a little bit sticky when drying on my skin which wasn't nice. I prefer the smell of St Tropez, although St. Moritz has virtually identical ingredients and a very non offensive smell as far as fake tans go, so its not really something that would rate as a negative for St Moritz. The main difference I noticed between the two products is that St. Moritz is actually a lot less streaky then St Tropez, and although I found myself using more of it to get to the colour I wanted, and I found myself applying more than once a week (I don't have to do this with St Tropez), but for the price this fake tan is really impressive. 
I applied the tan with latex gloves which is a lot less hassle in theory, but can be streaky. If you use your hands you get a much more even coverage, and if your good about washing them straight away you shouldn't have any problems. 

All things considered I think St. Moritz is an amazing cheaper alternative to St. Tropez and I would definitely use it again and recommend it if you want a holiday glow on a budget!
One of the only downsides to St. Moritz is not particularly easy to come by (TK Max is basically the only high street shop that stocks it), but the good news is that it is really easy to get hold of on Ebay or Amazon. 

Give it a go beauties! Xx

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