Saturday, 5 February 2011

Fluttery will get you everywhere!

Hey beauties,
So us girls can flutter our eyelashes and get whatever we want....
I had eyelash extensions for two months and here's what I think...
At first I was quite sceptical about getting the extensions, I'd been told horror stories by women who've had their own lashes fall out....eeek!
But I soon found there was nothing to worry about.

Okay, so the extensions can be rather pricey if you get them done in a salon (up to £85, and that's just in Bath). Considering they are only supposed to last for up to 3 weeks before you need in-fills, I thought this was rather steep and decided to shop around. I found that it was significantly cheaper, at almost half the price (£45) to have the beauty therapist come over to my flat to apply them. So if you're on a budget this may be the best way to go about it!

Firstly, you need to choose the length of lash you would like. I went for the shorter ones (size 11) which still looked rather long to me, I was a bit scared of looking Jordan-esq! These lashes had mascara permanently applied so you don't need to do it yourself. Looking back I wish I had been a little more daring and chosen a longer set.

It took 45 minutes for my lashes to be applied, I just lay down on a table with my eyes shut, it was a lot less traumatic then I thought it might be, although it will sting if you get the glue in your eye :(
You aren't supposed to expose your lashes to water or steam for at least 48 hours, as it breaks the bonds in the glue. I did both of these things though, and my lashes were intact for a long time, so I wouldn't worry too much about this.

When I opened my eyes, the results were beautiful. The lashes really opened up my eyes and made me feel so glamorous and womanly. I'm not sure if the photo below really does them justice, but you get the idea. This 
photo was also taken nearly two months after I had the lashes applied, they looked a lot better when I first had them done. The glue was so strong, and the lashes only fall out with the natural growth of your own lashes, so I'm guessing mine grow slowly! You'll be surprised how much time you'll save in the morning by not having to apply lashings of mascara!

The only bad points I would bring to your attention if your thinking about having them yourself are that they are quite hard to get used to at first as they feel quite plasticy. Also washing your face and removing make up can be awkward, you have to remember not to use oil based make up removers as this can break glue bonds. I just used normal cucumber face wipes and this was fine. 

I've absolutely loved having these lashes, I've had compliments left right and centre and I'll definitely be getting them done again, they've really been worth the money and the in-fills are only £20.
I can definitely see this becoming a little beauty addiction of mine, and its a bit of fun!

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