Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Week 29 Pregnancy Update and Youtube

How far along? 
The end of week 29

Total weight gain? 
I'm not sure, I have another midwife appointment soon so I will update you. I feel huge though.

Maternity clothes? 
Yes, although nothing overly exciting. I purchased some pretty preggo-panties and some polka dot maternity/nursing pjs from Topshop. 
I  thought they were really cute and I can use them when breast-feeding because they have buttons for easy boob-access.
I'm on the look out for a bump support band too, I think it might help my skin recover if it's weighed down less?
Oh, can I also just mention that there don't seem to be any kind of coats which flatter a pregnancy shape, I've tried on SO many, and in the end I've just had to accept that they will all make me look massive. Boo. 

Stretch marks? 
Nothing so far, fingers crossed!
I'm still using NSPA oil, but this time in the shower. I find it really sinks into my skin nicely that way and i like it much more. It gives a really nice soft finish. I've just finished up using my Mama Mio Tummy rub oil, which I've really enjoyed, particularly the smell.

Sleep is varied, and some nights are better than others. 
We got a new memory foam mattress this week, and you literally sink into it. It's SO comfortable but I'm finding it quite hard to get out of once I've sank into the middle... I even woke myself up sleep-talking last night saying 'I wish I could pay someone to help push me out of this bed at night'.... strange lady aren't I?

Best moment this week? 
It's got to be having some lovely cozy nights in with my husband,  and just watching Jeffy move around in my tummy together, I really am such a home bunny right now. 

Worst moment this week? 
I spent all weekend working on my 'Draw My Life' video, I had no idea what a huge project it was, and it made me so exhausted, so I was terribly grumpy! I have to admit I'm dreading how grumpy the lack of sleep will make me when little Jeffy arrives...

Miss anything? 
Being able to cuddle properly! i do miss having a proper squeeze, I'm such a cuddler. Still missing not being able to drink, I'm pretending Halloween doesn't exist this week, it's just no fun preggo! 
Oh, and getting out of bed not being a huge mission. 

Little Jeffy-bump really is  massive mover and I love it. He's constantly squirming around, I do wonder if he ever sleeps? I know lots of people say their babies have a pattern, he doesn't really seem to have one, he just moves constantly. 
He's still loving my right rib area, particularly when I am walking along or lying down. He kicked me so hard in the ribs the other night that it actually woke me up!  Oh, he gets hiccups now too which I love :)

Food cravings? 
I haven't had any ravings as such but I have eaten a lot of cake, and then I wonder why I need to buy big preggo-pants hehe Seriously, the bigger my bum gets, the more I seem to want to eat cake, oh dear. 

Anything making you feel sick or queezy? 
Thankfully nothing.

We're having a little boy, and I think we have decided on a name finally!

When i filmed my update I couldn't really think of any, but now I've remembered a whole bunch of them...
Stretching pains in my lower abdomen, being tired,
I also had really bad heartburn at the beginning of the week, before I discovered the cold glass of milk
Jeffy-bump is also starting to feel pretty heavy now.

Belly button in or out? 
Out, but sometimes when Jeffy shifts around it pops back in for a while. I miss my inny!

Happy or moody?
Happy apart from when I am over-tired. 

Looking forward to?
We have our very last scan halfway through November, I can't wait to see what Jeff's up to in there. 

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  1. Oooo you have decided on a name!


  2. Love reading these posts, ahh can't wait to hear the name!
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  3. You look gorgeous! So many women seem to pile on the pounds everywhere or let themselves go during pregnancy, which is totally understandable, but you seem to have been lucky!

    Can't wait to find out the name :)

    AmeliaRose | Beauty Blogger


    1. hehe, well i've definitely given up a little now, cake and chocolate have won! But thank you :) xx

  4. You look lovely! Finlay was also a serious wriggler and loved kicking my ribs haha. Hiccups are the sweetest too! It's funny how often they get them, you just wanna give them a cuddle. Hope you manage to avoid stretch marks. I did right up until 40 weeks, but when I went over a couple small ones appeared near my belly button :( Moisturising avidly really helps though. Looking forward to hearing the name you picked, so sweet that you call him Jeffy xxx

    1. Aw was he?? I always think it's a sign he's going to be a bit of a handful, he just never stops moving! I love it though :)
      Oh right up until 40 weeks?! I suppose it's to be expected though, I've been oiling the belly like a crazy person, I freaked out this morning thinking that one has appeared, still not sure on my verdict is yet!
      Hehe so tempting to actually call him Jeffy! xxx

  5. You look beautiful Hannah, you really do! I think that top is extra gorgeous, I'd wear it pregnant or not - even better for boob access to I suppose, buttons will be a godsend i guess! :)
    Also I read about pregnancy like a crazy lady (I'm not pregnant, just obsessed and so excited for the day, eventually) and it never occurred to me about it hindering hugs. I've never read that before! I wish you could have a properly squeezy hug because I require at least one every day to feel anywhere near happy haha, so sad! I hope you get your hugs soon. In fact you'll have extra good ones because you'll have cuddles with your baby! *sigh*.


    Have a good evening!


    1. aw thank you so much flora, that's so sweet! The shirt isn't actually maternity, but I'm definitelly going to have a shirt shopping spree because you're totally right, the buttons will be so handy for breastfeeding!
      Yes, I will be like a cuddle-maschine when jeffy is born!! hehe xx

  6. So exciting! You look so beautiful and calm, I hope I look as good as you when I'm pregnant. Can't wait to hear the name when he's born!


  7. You are looking so well, really glowing! xx

  8. You look so radiant - definitely one of those mums that suit being pregnant :) xx

  9. You look so cute and like you are really enjoying your pregnancy now which is so lovely to see because that was what you really missed in the early days.

    I felt really down at the beginning of my pregnancy and that made me feel even worse but now I love it and I'm so happy you do too!
    You've been a real inspiration as very few women have the guts to admit to struggling with early pregnancy. Hats off to you.

    Really excited for you and Stef. You'll be such fun, down to earth parents.

    Love the dotty shirt! Is that from Topshop? Could you do a matetnity lookbook for your channel? That'll be fun!