Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Week 24 Pregnancy Update and Youtube


How far along? 
The end of week 24.

Total weight gain? 
I've gained another 6 pounds since the last time I got weighed, wow! 
So I'm on track, I've gained just over a stone so far. It sounds like so much, I feel so big. 

Maternity clothes? 
Nothing new, although we have got a few bits for the little one this week, I'll do an updated haul soon :)
I forgot to mention the lace dress I'm wearing in my video (which was very kindly gifted to me) is from Little Black Dress maternity section. The great thing about it is that it's designed to be maternity as well as pre and post baby, so basically it's for everyone. 
It's honestly the most comfortable maternity item I own and I'm going to dedicate a whole post to it soon, now I have a visible bump to show. Thanks little Black Dress :)

Stretch marks? 
Not yet, I'm definitely pushing it now, aren't I?! My Mama Mio Tummy rub butter ran out :( So I'm now using the Nspa Oil instead. I really like the smell of it. I'm now using it on my thighs and bum too (glamourous, eh?) as they continue to get bigger.
I'm dreading stretch marks. I know they are pretty much inevitable, and perhaps I wont mind what my tummy looks like after, as I will know it grew my baby.

I'm still waking up in pain cos of my legs/ thighs feeling numb, and now back ache too :/ 
I can't wait to be able to sleep on my back again! 

Best moment this week? 
Definitely getting our little cot and a few more practical items, like a bottle warmer. This definitely makes everything feel much more real, and the time seem like it's gone SO fast!

Oh also, one evening, I'm not sure what Jeffy was up to in there but the top of my tummy went flat and my now outy returned to its former inny state for about 10 minutes, it was so funny! 

Worst moment this week? 
Feeling sad and hormonal the morning of week 24 and being scared that all my hormones and feelings from earlier in the pregnancy were rearing their ugly little heads. But luckily I felt better by lunchtime, I guess I would describe it as feeling more gloomy than anything else!

Miss anything? 
Sleeping on my back!
Drinking :( 6 months sober now, oh good god how I miss a stiff gin and tonic.

The beginning of the week started off lazy for my little boy, he had a very active couple of days at the end of week 23, so I think he had just worn his little self out. 
The movements now seem to be more dramatic, lots of big rolls and things being dragged across my tummy.
Every so often I'll see a big hard round patch sticking out, I think it might be his little head, but of course I really have no clue so I can't be sure.

Food cravings? 
Hot chocolate, the good kind from Starbucks. Nutella. 

Anything making you feel sick or queezy? 
Not normally, although I did have a strange couple of hours of nausea one lunchtime at work, it's SO not fun.

We have a little boy tucked up in there.

Period pains, I'm not sure if these are to do with ligament stretching or if they might be the beginnings of the famous Braxton Hicks (although I'm pretty sure I would know about those!).
Back ache has finally appeared and is no fun. I'm going to join a new yoga class next weekend though so hopefully that will help. 
Oh, I've also had a few leg cramps too, ouchee. 

Belly button in or out? 
Out, very visible through clothing too!

Looking forward to? 
More baby shopping, seriously, it's the best thing ever! 


  1. oh goshhh, i love reading these!! you speak about your little one with such love, it's wonderful to read/see :) xx

  2. I love reading these blog posts. :) How exciting for you! x

  3. Love it!! Plus that dress I commented on your video before seeing this, its absolutely lovely!!! :) Cant wait for the next blog! P.S. will the little one be called Jeff? xxx

  4. Lovely cot, I spy a little Sophie La Girafe in there, she's so cute! Oscar has her but he's not quite grasped putting her in his mouth yet, he's happy with his thumb for now haha. I thought I'd avoided my pesky stretchmarks, until week 38 when they suddenly appeared, so disappointed haha! Hopefully you'll be luckier as to be honest, I got pretty slack with the cream application... xx

    Curls & Swirls Beauty Blog

  5. I love your blogs and vlogs! I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant and would love it if you checked out my blog and my YouTube channel is mummysvlog xxx

  6. Awwh you have the loveliest little tummy now :) I'm glad to hear that things are going well!

    Imogen - A rendezvous with you

  7. Hello Hannah :-)

    My friend recommended your blog to me as I'm an avid blog-follower but have only recently started blogging myself, and she pointed out that you too are doing a preggo diary!

    I'm on week 26 now (flying in!) with my second baby & it's nice to see others who are at the same stage.

    You're so lucky not to have any stretch marks! Hey, you might not even be pushing it as I'm pretty sure they can be down to genetics. If your own mum escaped them then you might do, too!

    I don't have any myself this time around but my son left me with a few that have faded, thankfully ;-) I was given a sample of the Cussons Mum & Me stretch mark cream & it smells AMAZING! I previously used Palmers & Bio Oil but this is the best so far. It's good just for general moisturising AND it'll hopefully keep me from getting any more, haha.

    Sophie giraffe will come in mega handy by the way, my boy loved the squeaky noise & chewed on it loads to soothe his gums when he was teething. You're off to a good start ;-)

    Hope you're keeping well!!

    Emma x

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  10. Great post, thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Brittany, xx