Thursday, 19 September 2013

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

I'm not really sure what I expected when I tried this 'Beauty Flash Balm' by Clarins. To be honest, I wasn't totally sure what it actually was... apparently it has been Clarins best selling 'radiance booster' for years now, and is supposed to help you achieve 'a more beautiful appearance in a flash'.

You can use it as a primer or a facemask, which initially seemed a little odd to me, but let's just go with it?!

 Anyway I've been using it as a primer. I'm not normally one to bother too much with a primer on myself (I know, bad beauty blogger & make up artist!) but you guys all know I'm very into products with a gentle comforting smell, and this is the real selling point for me with this one. It smells beautiful. For some reason it reminds me of being on the beach with my mum when I was little, and I love how after I apply it, I can still smell it on my own face for a couple of hours afterwards. I sound like such a freak...

Okay, so you have to apply a thin layer and don't rub it in, followed immediately by your normal make-up routine. 

As you can see from the photo, this is ever so slightly tinted, but not enough to show up. It has this gorgeous lightweight texture that sinks into the skin instantly, it's almost like you can feel you skin drinking up the goodness.
As a make-up base, it leaves my skin with very satin finish and it definitely does do a good job of keeping my make up in place all day.

I've found this so good for perking up my dull skin, and has definitely been great to use whilst being preggo and trying to fake the 'glow'. It manages to get that delicate balance just right, keeping oily shine at bay, whilst still letting me achieve that dewy glow most of us strive for with our skin these days. 

Over all, a winner for me and a welcome addition to my routine every morning.

Have you ever tried Beauty Flash Balm? What are your favorite primers?


  1. I absolutely love the smell of this too! If I ever find my skin to be dull or even a little cakey from dryness after applying my base, I apply this after to give an immediate glow :) xx

  2. You mean the pregnancy glow is fake? :) Wanted to try this for a while, perhaps i'll ask for a sample from clarins x

  3. I used this years ago when I first started using Clarins products. I love it but it is a bit rich for my skin as a primer but it is lovely if you're having a no makeup day or in the winter when your skin is a bit drier.

    Glad you're enjoying it

    Sophs x

  4. Im currently using a little sample of this. I will definitely be buying the full sized version!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  5. You write with such a lovely tone and are so informative :) love reading your blogs!!

    Sophie xxxx

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  6. I MUST get my hands on this! Its been on my wish list for soo long!


  7. This sounds really nice! I also tend to skip over primers but in winter my skin gets so dull and in need of perking up, this could be a sneaky purchase soon haha xx

    Curls & Swirls Beauty Blog

  8. My mum swears by this stuff, and it works amazingly on her skin. I've found though when I wear it makes my face red and itchy, whatever is in it, it doesn't agree with my skin. It's such a shame as I'm obsessed with anything radiance orientated.

    Inanity and the Girl

  9. This is my all time favourite primer! I have also written a full review on my blog!

  10. oooh nice review, after reading definitely on my 'to purchase' list. I've used a few primers but they never really agree with my skin which is a bit annoying, but this one sounds promising!


  11. I need to pick this up!! It's one of those products I dont seem to need in the summber but as winter aproaches it seems a good buy.


  12. I have been reading so much about this product that I think I will give it a go and test it myself :) It's nice to know that has a nice smell ( last thing that you want is smelling a fragrance you don't like on your face alll day way!).
    Thanks for sharing :)

    Ila x

  13. I've never tried this primer before, but it sounds really good! I love the clarins exfoliating toner so lets hope this is another winner by them x

  14. This sounds really nice, I like products that give you a glow but I don't usually bother with a primer either. Great review

    Claudia xx

  15. I'm going to review this soon! I really like it although initially I wasn't quite sure what it was, too x

  16. I have had a tube of this that I won ages ago and have never got round to really testing out. I remember trying it and rubbing it in to a not very good effect think i will have to give it another go!
    Great review and lovely blog hun :) xx

  17. Ooh this looks lovely, I never really use a primer because I've never found one I actually think makes a big difference, so I may have to give this one a go. And can I just say your hair has been looking gorgeous lately, it's grown loads! :)

  18. I love their stuff so much, going to have to get this. Only just treated myself to a Clarins giftset last weekend when I was buying a perfume present for my friends birthday...couldnt resist a the price - I always fall for these :/