Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Week 19 Pregnancy Update & Youtube video Second Trimester products

How far along?
19 weeks 6 days when this photo was taken, I'm actually 20 weeks today :)

Total weight gain?
I'm being weighed at my 20 weeks scan today :) 

Maternity Clothes?
Nothing new this week, I've grown into my maternity pencil skirt already though, so I'm wearing that into the office. 

Stretch Marks?
None yet, I'm being so vigilant about applying cream and oil twice a day, so fingers crossed. I'm sure when I have a big growth spurt some will appear! 

Sleep has varied, to be honest it hasn't been great. Between not being able to get to sleep, being uncomfortable and waking up to go to the bathroom... 
People keep saying, 'you think it's bad now, you'll get no sleep when the little one is born'. Yeah, thanks, just what I needed to hear right now... 

Best Moment this week?
Probably just being cuddled up with Stefan and him being able to feel our little baby kicking unexpectedly against his arm! 

Worst moment this week?
Definitely Saturday day, I basically had a complete emotional hormonal meltdown. I've never known anything like it, it was dark and horrendous and I never want to feel like that again. I'm desperate to see a councillor but still on the waiting list. I get so frustrated how little support there seems to be for women with pre-natal depression, unless obviously you go private.
I also had a couple of days off work in the week for the same reason. I swear someone should invent 'pregnancy leave' haha 
Miss anything?
Being able to control my emotions. 

I'm being kicked as I write this! 
The little one is kicking a lot in the morning in bed when I'm lying down which is a new thing. I also got kicked a LOT when we went to go and see a horror movie at the cinema, I think it must have been the people in the audience screaming and all the loud noise! 
He/She (or 'shim' as my sister has nicknamed the baby), likes to kick a lot when I roll over in bed too!

Food Cravings?
Chocolate. I'm especially enjoying Nutella right now. Probably not the healthiest option I know, but I need a little indulgence in the absence of alcohol.

Anything making you feel queezy or sick?
Nothing really to be honest, thank god. 

Finding out today, eek!!

18 weeks and one day I had lots of ligament stretching pains, which lasted for a couple of days straight. Hot water bottles and nice warm showers helped  little. 
Tiredness, is just standard these days, but I suppose (as everyone just loves pointing out), I should get used to that! 
Waking up in the night absolutely ravenous, it usually happens about 5am, cereal is my lifesaver. 

Belly Button in or out?
Still on the top, about to pop out. 

Looking forward to?
Finding out the sex today. Obviously I feel really nervous about the scan as it's a big anomaly scan where they check everything is okay, and that's pretty nerve wracking. I woke up today feeling totally different about it, I convinced myself we're having a boy, but right now, I really, honestly don't mind what we have, as long as the little one in there is okay :) 


  1. Hi there! So exciting for you to find out what you're having today! I'm 8 weeks pregnant with baby #2, and having a nightmare trying to sleep too. It really is a lot better (i think!) when it's the baby keeping you awake at night, then in between, you're so tired you fall asleep in an instant! Also I would recommend a co-sleeper cot as a must! Saves so much time in the middle of the night! :)
    Hope everything goes well for you today :)
    Dominique x

  2. Good luck for your scan! And don't feel guilty about Nutella, I've CONVINCED myself that it's good for you :) xx

  3. I'm not even close to being pregnant but I love watching your videos, thanks for keeping us updated !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World