Thursday, 1 August 2013

Week 16 Pregnancy update

How far along? 
16 weeks and 6 days

Total weight gain? 
This weeks measurements are:
Bump at widest part: 30 inches
I forgot to measure my waist and hips, & we all know I'm rubbish at weighing myself! 

Maternity clothes? 
I've left it as long as I possibly could, nothing fits my bottom half anymore so ill pick something up this week.

Stretch marks?
None yet. 

I just want SO much sleep right now, feeling tired again! Sleep is fine and I've started putting a pillow in between my legs as it's beginning to get hard to get comfy.

Best moment this week? 
Starting to get proper little kicks now! 
On Saturday night, when Stefan felt my tummy he felt the baby kicking, really faint to him but he said it was the popcorn feeling! 

Miss anything?
I feel different now the movement is stronger, like there is actually a baby in there so it makes not being able to do certain things worth it.

Lots of movement particularly in the evening now and at lunchtime. Hubby thinks he may have felt it at 16 weeks and 2 days, like faint popcorn popping, I think he felt it too!

Sunday night the baby went crazy in there while we were at the movies, I got 3 massive kicks all in the same place, the strongest movement so far!
Monday after he was moving around all day too, the most movement I've had so far. It's completly changed how I feel about pregnancy, and I can't wait for the movements to get stronger now. 

Food cravings?
At the beginning of the week I had half a box of coco pops in one evening, woops. Other wise I can eat certain healthy foods again, yay.

Anything making you feel queezy or sick?
Still asparagus. Some types of sauces, tomatoey pasta sauce and stir fry sauce, bleugh.

We don't know, only 3 weeks now until we find out, aaah! Still think it's a boy! Any guesses??

At the beginning of the week I had a massive crying session, I just felt really down. It's so frustrating! I feel like I just want to hibernate at home in my onsie and watch box sets with a big bag of marshmallows and just feel sorry for myself. 
To be honest, this hasn't really improved, it's gotten worse and I think I might be suffering from pre-natal depression, so I'm going to talk to my midwife about it this week. 
The first couple of days of the week I also had stretching pains in my tummy
My boobs are insanely sore, like throbbing like having a really bad headache but in my boob if that makes sense. 

Belly button in or out?
Pretty much out now, ah!

Happy or moody most of the time?
As I said before, very down most of the time, despite still being very excited about the baby and everything else on my life being pretty much perfect. it doesn't make sense, I so wanted to be one of those calm serene preggo ladies :(
Looking forward to? 
I booked a pregnancy yoga class for next week so I'm really looking forward to that, hopefully it might help with my mood! Also it'll be nice to meet some other pregnant ladies in my area. 


  1. Ah getting bigger! Im sure youre doing just fine, i dont actually know anyone that was the dreamed happy serene people when pregnant xx

  2. Oh my god! I swear you have the same food type things as me! I couldn't STAND stir fry smell... Literally to the point of having to have a shower to get the stench off me! Ugh!! Also, if you really feel shit book a monday and friday off work if you can and take some time to just relax and do nothing! xxx

  3. aaah so much bigger! it must be so crazy how quick the time is going!

  4. Let us know how the preggo yoga goes Hannah! I hope it helps you to relax :) x

  5. I hope you start to feel a bit happier soon x

  6. Hi Hannah, Just wondering what nail vanish you're wearing in the last photo? I keep checking back to see if you've done the gender reveal, it's exciting! x