Saturday, 24 August 2013

Cowshed spa

Yesterday, I decided to treat myself for getting through the first 5 months of preggo-ness, and have a private sober-celebration after finding out if baby Michalak is a he or she. 

I visited the Cowshed Spa for the first time, and the whole experience was perfection. You're not supposed to take photos, but in true beauty blogger style I snuck a couple for you... shhh!

Firstly I must say, I absolutely loved the super stylish decor in there. Jars of lavender & little wooden boxes of moss sit on the worktops to display Cowsheds' latest offerings, crisp white towels are rolled up perfectly next to vintage TV sets with headphones that you can use if you fancy watching a bit of TV while you have your treatment done. 
You sit in a big squishy white leather armchairs & have a v shaped pillow propped on your lap, so you don't need to move at all. Honestly I was so comfortable could have fallen asleep in there!
To top it all off the Cowshed Candles make the whole spa smell simply divine. 

I had a 'speedy manicure' (30 minutes) and opted for a French manicure style (not to everyones taste I know). A lovely lady named Katie did my nails, and man, she did a perfect job! 30 minutes for a frenchie is pretty impressive, don't you think ladies?! If anyone is interested the colours I chose were both Essie, 'marshmallow' for the off-white and 'mademoiselle' for the natural pink. 
Out of the handful of Cowshed products she used on me, I particularly like their hand cream and cuticle oil.

I've definitely got my eye on a few of the spa treatments, they even do special selection of treatments for preggos like me, 'Udderly Gorgeous Maternity Treatments'. 
I also couldn't help but notice they also have a range for the little one when he/she arrives too. I melted when I saw the little cow towel and bottom balm, I'm pretty sure our little one is going to have to have those. 

The whole Spa experience was perfect, from the service to the outcome, a lovely quiet and relaxing atmosphere with tasteful music. I definitely want to book in another treatment soon for another treat :)

Have you ever had a treatment at a Cowshed Spa? 


  1. Glad you've pampered yourself a bit ! You deserve it !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  2. Oh wow looks like you had a great time! Your manicure is great. I love it! x

  3. great photos! love your nails they look so clean and fresh!


  4. This sounds lovely! If I ever have children, I'm signing myself up for this x

  5. Congrats lovely :) this sounds great

    I have just posted a hair styling post if your interested :D
    The Jewel Beauty Blog - A friendly beauty and lifestyle blog!

  6. Your nails look gorgeous! I love the decor of the cowshed

    Kerry X

  7. wow gorgeous! looks like such a lovely day of pampering
    Emma x

  8. I love cowshed products, the spa looks lovely!
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  9. This sounds like a serious pamper sesh Hannah and the surroundings of the Cowshed spa look amaze. Glad you enjoyed yourself!


  10. Ah this looks so relaxing and gorgeous! And the nails are simply lovely :)

    Imogen - A rendezvous with you

  11. Your nails look so gorgeous! x

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