Wednesday, 14 August 2013

18 week Pregnancy Update...

How far along?
18 weeks 6 days, nearly half way now, aaah!

Total weight gain?
I’ll definitely find out at my appointment next week!
Measurements are...
Bump at widest part: 30 Inches 
Hips: 32.5 inches 
Waist: 26 inches 

Maternity Clothes?
Nothing New. Just what I bought last week. So the skinny jeans and the skirt for work. I did buy a top from ASOS but immediately hated it, so it went straight back!  

Stretch Marks?
Nothing yet, I’ve been really good with applying creams and oil religiously, using them in combination with one another.

Sleep still isn’t wonderful, Stef bought me a special preggo cushion support pack, which you can also use as a support when feeding the baby. I’ve only had two nights using this so far so I’ll keep you updated!

Best Moment this week?
I think probably being at the movies, little ‘baby anon’ was kicking like a crazy thing!
I’ve also had a couple of moments where I’ve just felt really lovely and excited and an overwhelming sense of love for the little baby. I’m guessing this is what most people feel the whole way through!

Worst moment this week?
I’ve only had two crying breakdowns this week where I felt down, so I think it would have to be that (I’m still on a waiting list for some counselling).
Miss anything?
This week, no not really (I know, a first I think!!). Maybe coffee, but not massively.

So much movement now, and now it’s on both sides too, before it was only on the left side of my tummy. I got some kicks in the morning today when I was lying in bed, normally I don’t think the little one is awake enough to kick me in the morning so that was new. Definitely feeling a lot more movement in the past few days, I absolutely love it though. There really is nothing like it. I also have been starting to feel small movements when I am up and about, where as before I would only notice if I was sitting or lying down. 

Food Cravings?
I’m so boring, nothing. But on the plus side I am really enjoying my food again! 

Anything making you feel queezy or sick?
I still can’t go near asparagus or cooked pepper. I hate the smell of chicken cooking (but I can eat chicken just fine).

We still don’t know. Only 1 week to go until we find out!

I feel like they’ve really calmed down this week. As I mentioned before I am still waiting to speak t oa  councillor, but I’ve definitely felt better the past couple of weeks.
Acne, this has taken a step up again unfortunately. I’m getting those horrible under-the-skin type spots that hurt!!
My energy levels are okay, not amazing. Still having to wax my tummy too! Lovely!
Oh and this morning I discovered some white stuff in/on my nipples, so I've been wacking on the nipple cream!

Belly Button in or out?
Still on the verge of popping out, it’s a waiting game!

Looking forward to?
Finding out the sex, I’m really nervous about it, is this normal? Where you nervous when you went to find out if you had a son or daughter?


  1. Aww look at the bump growing ! And that's so amazing that you can no feel the baby moving around a bunch. Also I'm glad you aren't feeling as down ! I love hearing these updates xoxo

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  2. Yayy so glad your feeling better gradually Hannah! Your bump is getting bigger too Woop Woop! Preggo acne is a killer and is getting me down this week Wahhh! The end result will be all worth it right ;-) xx

  3. aww it's growing :) so sweet Hannah! Your "up" moments sound great and I am sure refreshing for you..hope you will have many more (I'm sure you will).

    Ila x

  4. I think its so cute that your completely honest about what happens in your pregnancy!
    Good luck with everything :)

    Lovely blog,Follow back if you like



  5. I love reading your pregnancy updates, glad you're doing well! x

  6. That is the cutest bump! Pleased you are feeling a bit better Hannah

    rachael @ xx

  7. I'm pleased you're feeling better :)


  8. Been a huge fan of your blog for a long time now, so happy that you're in a good place with your marriage and pregnancy ! excited for you to find out the sex of the baby ! :)

  9. I'm so happy for you, look at that pregnancy glow on your face! A very inspiring post,

    Emma :)

  10. I'm so excited to find out if you're having a girl or a boy! x

    Alissia from Ma Vie en R0se

  11. Hannah, I like your blog and loved it on

  12. I found out my baby's gender during 18 weeks! GOOD LUCK! :)
    And Im so excited for you! :-)

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