Monday, 8 April 2013

Venice - Day Two

My Venice posts have been a little *ahem* okay, very delayed haven't they?! It feels like life has been non-stop since we landed back in England!

Anyway, Day 2 of our Venice trip began with indulging in a breakfast of big juicy strawberries in bed. There's something so luxurious about the perfect crisp white sheets of a hotel, and the over-sized comfy toweling dressing gown. Isn't it the best?
We wondered a few streets around the corner and found a local seafood restaurant. So local, that the menu was completely in Italian and their English was pretty much non existent. We decided to do a bit of a 'lucky dip' with the menu, and ended up being served HUGE platter of fish, heads, tails and all. Stef looked like he wanted to cry. Luckily it ended up being delicious, and washed down with wine, be-heading the fish turned out to be sort of fun too, in the least macabre way... tehe.

The rain was so relentless, so after a couple of Americano’s spiked with whisky, we ended up on another bar crawl around the city. I'd love to be able to tell you all the places we went to, but being slightly intoxicated I can't quite remember them all, and Venice being the maze it is, I'm pretty sure you'd have a hard time finding them even if you tried.
We had found another lovely hotel called the Bauer, and snuggled up out of the rain with a bottle of champagne. It was a Black Russian however, that finished me off... we stumbled into the nearest Pizzeria to sober up before the walk back to our hotel.

It was only then that some bizarre sirens started going off on boats all over the city, it was kind of scary and very surreal! It turns out that the sirens were warnings; Venice had flooded whilst we'd been boozing.
I mean, totally flooded. We had to whip some bin bags on our legs and wade through the water to get back to our hotel. It sounds like a total nightmare but it was absolutely hilarious, definitely something I didn't think I'd be doing and something I'll never forget!


  1. Ah I love Venice, I went there in January! I completely get what you mean about it being a maze, my boyfriend and I somehow navigated our way from the main bus/train station to San Parco Piazza, only to realise we had nooo idea how to get back and had to jump on a vaporetto! Hope you had a brill time, such a shame about the relentless rain, that happened to us on our last day so we ended up in a coffee house all morning! xxx

  2. Such pretty pictures :-)

  3. pics are beautiful. and the flooding sounds funny, wading with bin bags on your legs haha.


  4. Ah your trip sounds so exciting Hannah, I bet you'll never forget running through Venice with bin bags on your legs!


  5. At least it's a holiday you'll never forget! x

  6. Hahaha it sounds like it was a great trip! Very envious!!

    I would LOVE it if you would check my blog out and maybe even follow too? :D

  7. Hahaha it sounds like you had great fun! I went for the first time last summer, but it was the complete opposite with stifling heat! It's such a beautiful city but the streets/maze is so confusing! Did you visit st. Marcos square and the basilica? That was definitely my favourite part:) xx

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