Thursday, 7 February 2013

Behind the scenes at my latest shoot...

 Apologies for the poopy photo quality, I only had my Iphone camera with me!
Hey there kids!
I thought I'd share a few 'behind the scenes' type photos with you from the music video shoot I worked on this Tuesday. I'm not sure how much I can really tell you, it's usually fairly 'hush hush' with these types of things until they are released.

It was a pretty early start, as the MUA you are usually one of the first on set and then one of the last to leave (thank god for the copious amounts of Jelly Babies, chocolates and Haribo we were supplied with!).
The morning was fairly hectic; I did 3 dancers make-up looks, a girl and two guys.
I have to admit, I LOVE doing men’s make-up, I'd love to have a job just doing male models!

We slightly altered the make up for the afternoon shots, and then the rest of the afternoon was spent 'standing by'. This means you literally stand on set and run in to do touch ups in between takes. This can be kind of scary when you first start out, but I actually really like this part of the job now!
The dancers routine was fairly fast pace (hence blurry photos), so as you can imagine there was a lot of sweat to mop up, shine to cover up, and lipstick re-appling going on. Glamorous hey?!

There was such a great vibe at this shoot, I got to work with MUA Zoe Tatum-Rooney, a dance team from Pineapple Dance Studios, and choreographer Mark Battershall (he's worked with Kate Moss and Florence Welch to name drop a couple. You might know him from the Pineapple Dance Studio TV series).
I even worked with a couple of the girls I trained in make-up with, which was really nice.
I definitely want to be doing more music video shoots!

I've got a couple of other shoots to tell you about too, I've been so unorganized and not blogged about them yet!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Oh that seems to be quiet funny and interesting too:)! Wow a great experience and moments you'll not forget, or?


  3. Awe Hannah, this probably sounds silly as I hardly know you, but I feel so proud of you! It seems like everything is really taking off for you and it all sounds very exciting :) can't wait to read more about your journey!xx

  4. such a great post! Nice to read something different xxx

  5. wow this looks so cool! you're so lucky to have a job so interesting and exciting :)

  6. You have such a lovely job! I bet you never get bored of it!!!

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  7. Looks like you have a very exciting job!! xxx

  8. aaaah this looks like so much fun!! what an amazing job! :) well done girl, so happy for you! <3

  9. So exciting to see all this happening for you! :D xo

  10. This looks like so much fun:)! x

  11. OOh how exciting!! That look so much fun - but i'm sure its hard work.

  12. Oh wow! Looks like so much fun xx

  13. Everyone looks gorgeous and this looks like so much fun, you're so lucky!


  14. you have my dream job! looks amazing :) followed you...

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  17. This looks great and so much fun! Wish it was me! Always wanted a mirror with the lights around it, I'd be sat infront of it in my bedroom all day. Great post!

  18. This looks amazing!
    I've just found your blog and followed you, would love love love to see some more posts like this

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