Friday, 25 January 2013

My Aspinal of London surprise...

Hello you lovely lot.
I'm in a super good mood today; can you see an obvious reason why?!

Last night, Stef surprised me with this beautiful Aspinal of London Marylebone Tote.
He'd seen me put up an Instagram photo of it, and then snuck off to Oxford street before I finished work last night to buy it for me. What an absolute sweetheart, THANK YOOOOU!

It was totally unexpected; I actually went into shock mode for a little while and couldn't stop staring at it, tehe. I feel so beyond spoilt, and very very lucky to have a fiancé who is so thoughtful and generous.

This is my first ever designer handbag, by far the most beautiful, perfect (and most expensive) bag I have ever owned. I totally and utterly in love with it, it's exactly my kind of style, plain and classic.

It does come with a rather hefty price tag (trust me to fall in love with the most expensive one), but that’s down to it being made with fancy Italian calf leather and lined with grosgrain silk.
It's incredibly sturdy, and has a range pockets for all your things, including perfect sized pocket for Ipads and smart phones.
I just dicovered that it even has two secret pockets you can get to without opening the zip, perfect for us city girls on the move. Stunning and practical, what more could you possibly want in a handbag?
One of the best features of the Marylebone, is that you can actually adjust the buckles on the side to change the shape of the tote to square whenever you fancy a little change. Technically, two bags in one then!

What I really like about Aspinal, is that it's a high end brand that not many people know about (unless you've seen them featured in Vogue). As much as I love brands like Mulberry, I love that I can walk down the street with this bag and not see a dozen other ladies carrying the same one.
I love that it's understated too, and doesn't have a huge Aspinal logo anywhere, it's very discrete and classy.

I've brought it into my office today to have a little show off (it had to be done, I'm very excited about it), but I think it's going to stay my 'fancy weekend bag' now. I definitely feel very special with this on my arm, and I'm already planning a 'What's in my handbag?' post for you.

Don't I have the best fiancé and the best handbag in the world?!

You can take a look at the Aspinal range here, they have some stunning bags. What are your favourite designer handbags?


  1. Woweeee you are a lucky lady Hannah! I have a Mulberry Taylor which I LOVE because it isn't the most common on the planet - I would recommend using it daily though, the real luxury with these things is being able to wear them every day!

    So chic, I love this tote & the similar Céline ones
    Rachelle xo

  2. this is such a beautiful classy bag!

  3. oh this looks gorgeous! Never heard of this brand before but i will check them out :) lucky girlie! x

  4. What a beauty! I seem to have developed a worrying penchant for designer bags. First a Mulberry, then a Miu Miu, and next on my list is the Prada Saffiano Tote and this one! Not sure whether to get this colour or the black though. I do love the combination of this one, and as you say, it's understated and classy. Enjoy your gorgeous new bag :) xx

  5. Oh my, that's such a lovely thing to do! :)
    I love the bag too, you're a lucky lady! xx

  6. Such a beautiful bag! I love Aspinal of London, I've got their Brook Street bag on my wish list! Your fiancé is so amazing for treating you to this!!

    Gem x

  7. Wow :) this bag is so beautiful! - What a lucky girly


  8. Oh this is a beauty of a bag :) I love the contrast of the cream and black-looks so luxury!!


  9. Luckiest girl in the world would be an understatement! Such a lovely bag!! :)

    It would be great if you guys checked out my blog on all things teenage and maybe follow while you're there? :D

  10. Wow that is sooo gorgeous !!! I have fallen in love with your bag!!! <3
    Lovely review and Stef is BRILLIANT!! <3
    Lots of love from

  11. gorgeous gorgeous bag!! its classy :D

  12. awww your fiance is so sweet to have noticed and took action!! good job ;) your bag is absolutely adorable, i love the two-toned colors yet its still neutral and can go with anything. also looks like the perfect size for every day use. i loveee what's in my bag posts so definitely go for it! ;)

    rachel x

  13. aah it's so beautiful! literally the most perfect tote bag ever, i want it!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  14. I nearly died when I read that you got this! (not literally obviously)

    I have been dreaming of an Aspinal's Hepburn bag since I first saw it.

    You certainly are one lucky lady; he's definitely a keeper!

  15. I've been in love with this bag since I first set eyes on it and I've been saving for it ever since.

    This is absolutely gorgeous, you're very lucky! x

  16. Aww that's such a gorgeous bag! Lucky girl :) Wish my boyfriend was as thoughtful as your fiance aha :) Can't get over how pretty it is xxx

  17. What a beautiful bag, you are a lucky lady but I am sure you deserve it.


  18. It's beautiful! What a lovely Fiance you have!

  19. This bag is gorgeous! Totally fallen in love with it now too xxx

  20. Just check it out online! My eyes nearly popped out my head at the price tag. My my you are one lucky girl Hannah :) xxx

  21. Wow, very lucky lady! I love the Aspinal tote its gorgeous x

  22. What a beautiful bag!! You're so lucky, and how sweet of him to surprise you with it :-) xxx

  23. I've never heard of this brand, but THANK YOU SO MUCH for introducing it to me! I kind of shun "it bags" because I hate having the same bag as everyone else. That said, some of the shapes are lovely, and it's nice to get something similar, but without being too obviously Chanel/Mulberry/Rebecca Minkoff/Balenciaga. Thanks again for this!

  24. This is a pretty bag! Congrats! Where to buy it?