Wednesday, 2 January 2013

10 resolutions...

Buddies on NYE | The view from my front door on new years day | Toaster waffles with maple syrup

A very happy new year to all my lovely readers :)
I hope you all had a smashing one and saw out 2012 in style?
I had a nice chilled out one, at our local pub with Stef and my buddy Laura, we drank prossecco, had a little jig and watched the fireworks.

So, another generic blogger post today, I've been enjoying reading everyone’s goals and resolutions for 2013. It's great to see everyone being so positive. So I thought I’d share mine with you too.
I didn't think I actually had any resolutions, but yesterday when I sat down and actually thought about it, I came up with a pretty long list.
I think most of them are realistic, so here we go...

#1. Write a journal for the year.
This is something I have been doing every year since I was 5. As you can imagine I have a massive stash of diaries now! Last year was so manic that I was really naughty and didn't keep a journal, I'm so mad at myself for this because it was the best year ever. So theres no way I’m not keeping a log this year!

#2. Get back into the routine of doing yoga and running once a week.
Yoga and running are the only 2 forms of exercise that I actually get any enjoyment from, and before I moved to London I was doing yoga and going to a running club once a week. It doesn’t sound like a lot I know, but my body was so much nicer back then...

#3. Read more
I started off last year reading a few amazing books (The curious incident of the dog in the night, Life of Pi and The Graveyard to name a few). I'm not sure what happened but I kind of lost my passion for reading a little bit, or was it that I just couldn't find anything I wanted to read? Anyway, this year I want to read some really great novels (suggestions very welcome).

#4. Learn to cook...
or at least try! I'm the first to admit pretty hopeless in the kitchen (unless it involves baking a carrot cake). Stef tends to do all the cooking in our house, so this year I've decided it's about time I learn to cobble together a half decent meal.

#5. Be better at staying on contact with my friends
You know what it's like, before you know it a couple of months have gone by... so, yeah, I just want to make sure I'm more involved in my friends lives this year and make more of an effort, ‘cos I love you guys.

#6. Work on my confidence.
Pretty self explanatory really. Sometimes I think I just need to believe in myself a little bit more and not be so hard on myself.

#7. Be more motivated & use my time better
Especially where my career as a make-up artist is concerned! I feel like I do waste a lot of my free time, so I want to be better at planning constructive things to do.

#8. Eat better and keep drinking water
Well, you only get one body, you might as well look after it right? Being lucky enough to have a super fast metabolism, my diet is preeeetty bad. It's not that I don't enjoy healthy food or anything (hell, I eat anything), I just love carbs and have a ridiculously huge sweet tooth.

#9. Take better care of myself
I suppose this one ties in with eating better too. But just little things like improving my posture, getting regular haircuts (which possibly means getting over my fear of the hairdressers) trying to keep on top of my nails, and getting a proper skincare routine.

#10. Oh, and to make 2013 every bit as fun as 2012 was :)

I was going to put in drink less, but I decided against it, I thought I'd atleast be realistic, paha!
Have you got any new years resolutions? How did you spend new years?

p.s apologies if you follow me on instagram (magsy24) and have already seen these snaps!


  1. Great resolutions lovely! I agree about reading more, I used to read so much but in 2012 I was terrible! Happy new year!

  2. Lovely resolutions!I'm definitely with you on all the health benefit goals, I'm joining the gym tonight and stocking up on veggies!

  3. all the best for those resolutions. hope you can keep up on them. i always fail.
    xo sabbi

  4. What a great little post - I too can identify with the reading more resolution. Before I lived with my boyfriend I read all the time but now he hates it when I have the bedside lamp on....need to come up with a sneaky solution.


  5. Oh these are great resolutions, some very similar to mine haha! :) Loved reading this post Xx

  6. i agree with pretty much everything on this list - ive loved seeing people's resolutions posts :)
    some book reccomendations: the passionflower massacre by nicola morgan is my favourite ever book by far, incredibly well-written as well as a great and gripping storyline, the boy in the striped pjs is also brilliant but very very sad so you would need to brace yourself ;) and for easy, lazy days reading i love the wind in the willows (followed by the willows in winter, toad triumphant and the willows and beyond!) - i had never read them before this summer and really enjoyed reading them while i was unwell, they took me to a peaceful happy place! :D
    you're so lucky to have a fast metabolism! but if you do have any healthy eating tricks or ideas please share them, since being on new meds im struggling with having a massive appetite so its hard to keep the weight off!
    love your blog, great post! wishing you all the best for 2013 :) xxx

    1. aw thank you so much for the book reccomendations, i've never read wind in the willows either :) and i will do, if i manage to eat healthier that is hehe xxx happy new year xx

  7. These are pretty similar to all my goals for 2013! Happy new year!

  8. Good luck with your new years resolutions!:D I'm trying to read more too haha! xxx

  9. good luck with your resolutions, they are vair similar to mine xxx

  10. Aww Han, you have nice resolutions, hope you stick to them. We should go to Yoga together when I'm around next :P x

    1. yeaaaa :) I go to Yotopia too, it's literally about a minute from your office! x

  11. great resolutions! happy new year hannah!
    im hoping to read more this year too. i sporadically read but i really want to spare more time to read regularly. and i'm with you on the "cooking" resolution and "confidence" one :)

    rachel x

  12. Beautiful pictures!
    Good luck with your resolutions. I always kept a diary from about 11 until 16 and then a bf snooped it out and read it :( so I stopped writing one.
    I'm desperate to do Yoga! Really want to do it!

    Good luck honey


  13. Good luck with your resolutions Hannah, I have a few that are similar to yours.

    Depending on the type of books you like I'd recommend the Child 44 trilogy by Tom Rob Smith for a good thriller set in Stalin's Russia. x

  14. thought i would pop on over and have a read of your resolutions :)
    WOW so impressed youve kept a diary for that long! i reaally need to start doing this - id love to look back on everything ive done! I did it once when i was at school for a year and its so nice to read back.. :)

    Im very much with you on the confidence thing..and the motivation thing! Im such a lazy little thing! I need to plan my time more effectively

    Happy New Year lovely
    I look forward to another year of reading your blog :) xx

  15. I love your resolutions, they are so similar to mine! I keep a diary too, it really is great and I need the confidence one too!