Monday, 3 December 2012

Photo Diary#12 It's part of me, apart from me

Chilly Sunday stroll around the common | Ice-skating in Hyde Park | Icy pond | Chicken wraps for lunch | The Ferris wheel at Winter wonderland | Yet another Cheeseburger

You might have guessed that I've become slightly snap happy ever since I got my Iphone. I'm the most annoying person to go out with now because I just want to photograph everything. I won’t let you eat your food until I've photographed it.
It was so hard for me to pick a small selection of photos for this post, I've taken so many... I hope you like these little snapshots of my week.

So anyway, what have I been up to?
Last week the work ladies and I headed over to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, I've never been before and it has to be done really doesn't it?!
It really gave me that little Christmas tingle, the smells of mulled wine and hot-dogs, ice-skating and fair rides. I'll admit I was a little apprehensive about ice-skating, I haven’t been for a good few years, but I'm very proud of myself for not falling over! 
The highlight of my evening has got to be going on the "Power Tower". It lifts you up to the same height as a high rise building (it's not for the faint-hearted), we could see the whole London skyline at night time. It was completely breath-taking and I kicked myself for not taking my camera on the ride with me!

Stef and I spent Saturday afternoon watching the rugby by a log fire in a cute little pub in Primrose Hill. I'm not normally one for rugby, but when you team it with a few glasses of mulled wine, home-made sausage and mash, a log fire and a cuddly boyfriend, it sounds much more appealing, right? I love Primrose Hill, it's got to be one of my favourite places in London.
We walked to the top of actual Primrose Hill after dark, to see London all lit up and pretty (for those of you who don't know, it's another spot where you can see the whole of London). It was tooo cold to stay out forl long so we headed home with a bag of dark chocolate covered pretzels. Good way to spend an evening? I think so.

On Sunday we had a little stroll around Clapham Common, it was so chilly that the pond had frozen over and by the time we got home for a scrummy lunch of chicken wraps, my face was pretty numb!

Since I've recovered from my ill spell, pretty much all I wany to consume is cheeseburgers. This one was burger number 4 of the week, I'm such a pig. I think because I couldn't eat anything for so long I'm making up for that now! So sorry for the constant food porn photos, you know by now that I'm such a foody and I'm just really enjoying eating at the moment!

Now, I seem to have rambled on sufficiently....
How were your weekends?
Do you like taking photographs of the things you're getting up to?


  1. get that cheese burger in my mouth! i cant believe its your 4th of the week! when i eat one it goes straight to my hips haha. your rugby day sounds perfect never been to primrose hill. me and my friends are always taking photos of food too it just makes me so hungry looking back at them! xx

  2. Oh man, that burger looks amazing! Sounds like you've been having fun recently lovely!

  3. the ice rink looks beautiful, I'm yet to go skating this year but this has made me want to so much! And oh my gosh that cheeseburger looks likE heaven!X

  4. That looks so yummmm.. hope you had loads of fun..
    xo sabbi

  5. aw you're adorable! loove the ice skating picture so much! :)

  6. Gorgeous photos Hannah. I'm going Ice Skating in a couple of weeks and I can't wait! X

  7. So glad that you're enjoying London. It is the coolest city. One of my first ever posts that I did was on Hyde Park too!

    I saw your post as one of the most popular on blog lovin, so hit it because of the name. Love it! Was totally surprised when I jumped through, your blog is lovely. Full of style and wicked pictures. Have had a lovely time browsing. Keep up the good work.

    Laura x

  8. Mmmmm That cheese burger looks total yum! I'm the same with my iphone but I have to say my pictures never turn out as good as yours! :)

    Also please carry on with the food porn... I love it ha!


  9. Adorable photos, you're so cute!

    Kisses from The Spotted Cherry Pie

  10. Great pictures! I've just discovered your blog and one Hannah to another, it's rather lovely.

  11. Great pictures! I've just discovered your blog and one Hannah to another, it's rather lovely.

  12. I like it so much! It would be great if you will check out my blog :)


  13. I "loled" at 'yet another cheeseburger' haha. Your week looks lovely!

    Lela -

  14. Great photos hannah. Love the ice skating one! I eat far too many cheeseburgers, it's just the way of MUST be done. they are too yummy to give up haha lol

    gald you're better xxxx