Monday, 10 December 2012

Photo Diary #13 and it's bound to make you smile...

Hello beautifuls!
How have your weekends been? I've had a packed one once again; I'll try and make this a quick-ish update so I don't bore you all to death!

Friday night Stef and I went out in Clapham for a curry and a few drinks with our housemate and his girlfriend. We ended up drinking rather a lot and I'm not going to lie, Saturday was a little bit of a struggle.
On Saturday we took a gentle stroll around the market in Angel (down Camden passage), and found the most exquisite little chocolatier, don't they look scrumptious? We tried the hot chocolate and it was literally like drinking melted chocolate, yummy. I've got such a sweet tooth its ridiculous. I think I have a super addiction to hot chocolate recently, I'm going to blame it on the time of year?! Which by the way, I also blame for my mulled wine addiction...

Saturday night was our anniversary, we went out for dinner at the very same place we had our first date, Paramount Centre Point. The food and wine was delicious (so delicious we gobbled it up before I realized I hadn’t photographed it, boohoo), and really, what can top that view of London at night, it's just stunning isn't it? We've had the best year together, and it was such a perfect romantic way to celebrate.

On Sunday it was time to get our Christmas tree, normally I make the Christmas tree man get them all out for me so I can choose the best one (I know this makes me sound like such a princess, but the right tree is important), but it just so happened that the first one he pulled out was perfect. That never happens!
After dropping it off at home we headed into town to meet the lovely Quentin Blake (you probably recognize him as the artist who illustrates Roald Dahl books). Stef bought a couple of Quentin’s original drawings to put up in our flat, so we were lucky enough to be invited to meet him for a signing. It was such an honor, he brought to life my favourite childhood books like 'The Witches' and 'Matilda'.

We then nipped out for some dinner with the lovely Sam Pepper (some of you might know him through making Youtube videos with Zoella). I ordered this pizza without realizing the size of it, half prawn and crème fraiche and half spicy sausage and chillies, wow what a combo! Somehow I managed to eat the whole thing, and I'm very proud of myself for that! Two bottles of Prossecco later, we headed home, cracked open some mulled wine and rather tipsily decorated our tree.

Phewf, what a manic weekend!

What did you all get up to? Lots of festive things?

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I'm planning on blitzing all of mine tonight after work in Covent Garden, wish me luck, I'm slightly terrified of the manic Christmas shoppers....


  1. Awh those choccies look lush! :D

  2. I can't believe you met Quentin Blake!! I loove his illustrations! awww he's so cute too! :)
    your tree is lovely - put ours up yesterday! apart from that i've been doing so much uni work! NO FUN!

  3. ah this was lovely!xx

  4. Oh my word Quentin Blake! Incredible. Roald Dahl books just wouldn't be the same without him.
    Your Christmas tree is beauuuutiful :)
    Kaz x

  5. Zizzis? Thats my favourite pizza there, you cant beat it! And the prosecco is always a winner!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend,
    Rachelle xo

  6. Gorgeous photos Hannah, you're weekend sounded amazing :) xxx